Bathing Suit Season is Coming

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I'm 26 , no kids, 5'3 weigh 150-160 and my breasts...

I'm 26 , no kids, 5'3 weigh 150-160 and my breasts are an embarrassing 38C (pics to come). I'm looking to be DD or DDD but natural looking. My first BA consultation is tomorrow, is there anything you ladies wished you'd asked but thought of afterwards? Any advice is welcome. RealSelf has been full of helpful information

1st consultation down

My first consultation was the other day. Nothing really wow about the office but I really liked his pricing. I keep changing my mind on how big I want to go and what shape I want and now I think I've finally decided lol. Since I'm a pathetic C, I either want to be a full C or small D.
My next consultation is 12/20 in Newport Beach. I know it's going to be a bit more expensive but I liked the BA photos MUCH better than the first Dr I saw. You get what you pay for right??...right?? (Im nervous) lol. I told my self I'm going to stop looking at wish boobs cause I have SO many photos. I'm going to post my Ultimate wish boobs and call it a day haha. I really hope I can get mine close to this

2nd consult down

So I went to the consult in Newport Beach and I must say I loved the atmosphere there! The office was beautiful, the staff was friendly, and the Dr was incredible. Now here comes the ready??? The price was through the roooooof! I went in to talk about a breast lift, silicone implants and Lipo of abs back and flanks. So I understood it was going to be expensive but still. I had total sticker shock. Next I was kinda bummed that he said I would probably be more satisfied if I got a TT and I know he's right. *sigh* the last consult didn't mention a TT so, I have a lot of thinking to do. Overall I was extremely extremely pleased with this Dr though. He asked for my wish pic (boobs) and said he can get them pretty close but not exact. So we'll see. A lot of thinking and saving to do...
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