Smartxide for Acne Scars

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I had the smartxide therapy done on my face almost...

I had the smartxide therapy done on my face almost a month ago for moderate acne scars. I am 37 yrs old, fair skinned. I was told that I would not be satisfied with my treatment, that my scars would most likely require 2-3.

After my first treatment, I would have to agree. Although I see improvement in the smoothness of my skin. I most definately need to have the procedure completed again at least one more time.

My down time I found to be minimal. I had it on a Tues am. I found I was incredibly sensitive to the sun and needed to wear an spf 60 on my face. By the weekend, I drove a 5 hr drive to see my sister in another city, but again had to wear spf 60 and wear a scarf in the car over my head, partial coverage of my face. I was still red, peely, but no pain. I had minimal pain post procedure. The burning sensation was gone within an hour.

The procedure itself I found to be much much more painful than I had anticipated. They used numbing cream and some freezing injections, but it just didn't take well on most of my face. They recommend next time that I had some mild sedation as it was quite uncomfortable.

Now, almost a month later, my skin is still a little dry, but pretty much back to normal. I am booked 6 weeks to the day to have my second procedure. I am anxious to see the before and after photos when I go to the clinic again. I am truly hoping I only need to do this one more time. The cost of the second treament is $500.00 CDN.

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