Rhinoplasty- Better and Worse - Ontario, ON

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I have always had a nose too big for my skinny...

I have always had a nose too big for my skinny face. Not only did I have a big hump and hook/droopy profile, from the front it also had a wide bridge and fat tip. Hated my nose, especially in pictures for a long time and decided at 36 years old, it was finally time to treat myself to a smaller nose to enjoy in family pictures to come. The surgeon did a great job removing the hump and narrowing the bridge at the upper part of the nose. However the middle and tip now possibly look bigger than before, no better. Now it seems I have a ball at the end of my nose and it continues to be long, fat, wide and droop. I am hoping since I am only two months post op that changes will still occur. I am hoping someone can be honest with me and tell me if they noticed the gradual changes as swelling went down or is this pretty much a true picture of what I'm going to have as a nose. Will I really end up with a smaller nose yet? I am not digging this new fat ball and wide nose when I smile. So, hump is better and tip is worse, this feeling is not the treat to myself that I was looking for.

Swollen or result?

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