No Effect at All After Two Attempts - Ontario, Canada

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I had my first coolsculpting procedure performed...

I had my first coolsculpting procedure performed on my love handles at my dermatologist's office almost a year ago. I was told by the coolsculpting technician that I was an ideal candidate for this procedure as I was slim overall but just had some excess fat around my waist. The technician applied the medium-sized paddle on one side of my waist for 1 hour and then did the same for the other side. The treated areas were frozen like a brick of butter just as expected and the technician told me that this is a good indication that I would get good results.

Unfortunately, I saw no reduction in the fat around my waist after waiting four months. When I returned to my dermatologist's office for a follow-up, the technician confirmed that there was little or no reduction of fat in the treated areas. However, she offered another set of treatment at no additional charge. This time she applied the small paddles to areas of my waist closer towards my belly button rather than at the side. Once again, two areas were treated for approximately 1 hour each. This time, the treated area felt spongy instead of frozen solid when the paddle was removed. However, I saw no noticeable reduction of fat after 4 months.

When I returned for my follow-up appointment after the second treatment, the technician said that I am the only patient among the 50+ patients she treated who showed no results from coolsculpting and there is nothing more she can do. Is this statement true? Is coolsculpting 100% effective for all individuals who are considered to be good candidates for this treatment? Are there some types of belly/waist fat that cannot be reduced by this procedure? If so, is there a way to determine if an individual have the type of fat that is untreatable before the coolsculpting procedure?

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I did not see the doctor at all. I only interacted with the coolsculpting technician. The technician received training on the Zeliq instrument but she is not a nurse.

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