Genuine Derma Roller Treatment 5x for Scarring - Ontario, Canada

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I had 5 Genuine Derma Roller treatments in 2014 to...

I had 5 Genuine Derma Roller treatments in 2014 to treat facial scarring (not from acne...from picking and from a lesion removal).
While I saw an improvement in skin quality, it didn't do much for the scarring. There was some softening of the most recent scar but I don't think it was worth the money I spent.
I still derma roll at home because it has helped slough off old skin cells and has kept my face clear of the occasional pimples I used to get. I use a .2mm and a .5mm. Nothing too intense as I'm using it to refresh the top layer of skin; not the dermis.
Bottom line, it did nothing for my scars. I still think it's worth a try for overall skin health but don't spend tons of money. And I'm not sure if I believe all the marketing tactics re: you need to know how to roll (it's easy) and you run the risk of serious infection (yes, it could happen but not if you keep to the smaller needles and use common sense when it comes to cleaning).

Sorry should be 2013...

Just realized that I wrote the wrong year. My derma roller treatments were in 2013 and I had them every 8 weeks.
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I did it at a PS office with the esthetician. They do care about their patients and I don't feel 'scammed' in any way. Derma rolling is relatively new here and I think they are still learning about what it can and cannot do.

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