DONT DO IT!!!! 40 Yrs Old No Kids, Lipo on Abdomen, Back Flanks, Inner and Outer Thighs - Ontario, CA

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About a month post lipo. $10000 and I still have a...

About a month post lipo. $10000 and I still have a muffin top over my jeans and cellulite. There is an improvement to my overall proportions but lipo is definitely not a fix-all solution. I head read many reviews warning about this and that there can still be fat and weight gain, not too expect too much etc. But I still hoped for more. I feel ashamed and dissillusioned about spending so much money on vanity and I don't feel better about myself I feel worse. Now I will never know if someone is attracted to me for who I really was, or the carved down, "skinnier" version of me. Not a nice feeling and I regret my decision. I could have spent this money on so many other things that could have benefited my life and well being, instead I caved to societal pressures and tried to make myself skinnier. I do look "better" but I feel like I've betrayed myself.

2 months post lipo

Gaining weight, esp in my belly which is so disappointing, $10,000 for very little change. This is so not a quick permanent fix, people did say that in reviews and I should have listened. I hoped I would be different I guess which is stupid. Still a lot of surface soreness underneath my skin, I can't believe what I did to myself for such little result and so much money. If you're considering lipo I would think long and hard about it, I regret it big time.

Don't do it

However bad you think your body is, don't do what I did and artificially alter it forever. My body is not my natural body anymore and I will never forgive myself for what I've done to it. The psychological cost is worse than any Insecurity I had, at least before I could say my body was mine. Now it's a deformed piece of sh*t, done at my own cost. I let society's expectations destroy my beautiful body forever.

Still fat and disgusting

Don't think lips will change you. It won't. You gain it ALL BACK. And you're out a ridiculous amount of money. Don't be an idiot loser like I was and still am. It just doesn't work. You'll feel worse than ever before and you'll still be a fat pig like me.
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