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Hi everyone! I'm in search of an affordable,...

Hi everyone! I'm in search of an affordable, credible surgeon to help me regain some confidence after having my child 3 years ago. I lost upper fullness in my breast, my waist has widen and I have a mommy pouch. Overall, I've gained weight and desire to have my curvy and future figure back. I was a girl with abs and curves.

My mind is set on a BA with possibly a lift but I'm unsure of a TT because I want more children in the future.

I've already contacted a surgeon in Cancun, Mexico who seems very good at what he does.

Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Decisions, decisions!

I am unsure if I want to get a breast lift as well as an augmentation. I am deadly afraid of the scar! Lol so I was thinking maybe I can achieve a lift with big implants (475-525cc).

Also, I want to be snatched it all the right places but I don't know if a liposuction alone can do that for me. I'm contemplating getting a tummy tuck but I do want more children in the future.

Anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone gotten a tummy tuck and became pregnancy afterwards? Or got implants without a lift after breastfeeding?


Mexico, here I come?

So I've been going back and forth between Dr. Carmona or Dr. Baltazar Rendon from TOP PLASTIC SURGEONS in Mexico. Originally I was planning on getting lipo and a ba + a lift but lately I've been considering a tt since I have some loose skin and pushed out muscles. I got a quote from Dr. Baltazar Rendon to get a ba + lift with lipo + a tt and a bbl but I'm afraid of the healing process from having so much done at once! I can only take off 2 weeks from work so I'm planning to do the most effective procedure with less down time as possible and save others for another time.
Has anyone gotten work done by Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico?
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