32A to C - 300 Cc Saline Implants Under the Muscle

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PROS:Fuller breastsCONS: PainI a 3 weeks post-op...

PROS:Fuller breasts

CONS: Pain

I a 3 weeks post-op 300 cc saline implants under the muscle. I was a 32A and I believe I am now a C.

I did it because I wanted fuller breasts and I thought it would bring me more seld confidence. My doctor did a great job and did exactly what I asked but I which I would not have done it because I am fearful of future complications.

So far my experience has been pretty good but about 3 days ago my right breast feels raw and sensitive when touched. It is not a constant pain just when slight pressure is applied. My question is this normal or is there a problem? And if this is normal is this something that will go away.
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