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Don't know if I should get a lift when I get my...

Don't know if I should get a lift when I get my implants removed or wait until later. I have had these implants for 30+ years and I am so saggy. I understand that the implant is under the muscle and having them removed will completely flatten out the area on my pecs. The doctor said there will be significant sag still because of my skin elasticity loss and I was saggy before I had the implants. I feel it can't be any worse than they are now, but..... what do you think?

I have a date for my explant

I have a date for my explant, May 11th, and I can't wait. I am not going to have a lift at the time of removal. I decided that can be done later, if I want and can afford it.
I have never liked the implants (stupid mistake) and they have been causing me pain for 30 plus years!
California Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had it done yet, just the consultation. Dr. Chui is a Kaiser Plastic Surgeon. He is very straight forward describing the procedure and what to expect after the surgery.

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