Not Too Happy Right Now, Only 2 Weeks Post-Op

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I am 21 male and lost over 175lbs. I had alot of...

I am 21 male and lost over 175lbs. I had alot of loose skin so I had a tummy tuck done at the same time as my chest.

It's been about 2 weeks post-op, and im very happy with my tummy tuck. As for my chest, I think my surgeon could have done a better job. My right nipple is smaller then my left one now, and the right one seems to pop out like a button now, while my left one seems stretched....Also my chest is smaller, but still not not near flat.

I wanted the chest reduction mainly so I can go outside on a windy day and not worry about people seeing my chest when the wind blows, but at this current time, I still wouldn't go outside on a windy day.

I know im only 2 weeks into recovery, but I can tell that my chest isn't right. I mentioned it to my surgeon and he sais it's swelling, but I can't see the swelling making THAT much of a difference. I can only wait and see how time treats me. I HOPE that if it doesn't get better, he will try again and also fix my nipples free of charge. Knowing my luck ill have to pay to get it corrected.

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Tummy tuck was great, but as for my chest I can't make a definite decision yet.

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