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I am 20 years old, female, and in college. I have...

I am 20 years old, female, and in college. I have never had braces, and never needed them. I had a couple crooked teeth, but no one can really tell. However…fast forward to now, my crooked teeth are starting to chip because of the way they are in adjacent to my other teeth. Anyways, I decided to get invisalign and am on my 4th day.

So far so good, I guess. The first two days my teeth hurt a lot. I would try and eat but my back teeth would feel really bruised. However, I can only imagine how much it hurts to have real braces, so I am happy!

The down side is, I had no idea the dentist was going to put little “buttons” on my teeth, that would be permanent until the invisalign is done. They are smaller then a tictac and placed on your teeth (I have 4 on top and 4 on bottom) and the first couple days they are really sharp.

They even cut my mouth! But they have dulled down, and I bet when you get can just ask the dentist to dull it down for you.

Also, before the dentist finished, she took like this mini cheese grater and used it to floss my teeth. She said she needed to make room in between my teeth so the teeth would have room to move. That made sense to me, so I let her. It didn’t make any gaps or anything so its okay.
If anyone has any questions you can get in contact with me. I can take pictures also, if you would like!

Oh and I don’t know the price because my mom paid, but I can get that info if need be!

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I just went to my dentist, but she is very nice. Haha.

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