One Hour After Restylane Lip Enhancement

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Last night, I was up late reading all sorts of...

Last night, I was up late reading all sorts of restylane lip reviews. Some said I would not wish resty on my worst enemy. others said I love resty and my fabulous new luscious lips. Some major pain, some minimal. I wondered how could the reviews vary soooo much?? SO, i'm here to report my initial experience and results. I had restylane put into my upper lip plumped this afteroon, which time will tell in the next few days how it all settles in....however, wanted to say the pain is NOT that bad at all!! I was expecting to be crying on the table! The doc gave me a nerve block injection inside my mouth, under my upper lip on each side. It was a very mild poke/shot feeling. Then, my lips numbed up and I only felt the needle ever so slightly as he was injecting. Sooo much better than i had anticipated. Now I have swollen upper duck lip, yet I trust in the next few days it will go down and I will finally have a new sexy upper lip!! (it barely existed b4) i will return with any continued reviews as my lip is healing up!
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