OMG! Painful!

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So, I finally decided to invest in making my teeth...

So, I finally decided to invest in making my teeth whiter and decided to go with Zoom. Prior to Zoom, I used the Crest whitestrips once as the strip caused too much sensitivity, I had to remove the strip.

Needed and alternative method of whitening and decided to go with Zoom. I really should have just left my teeth the way they were. I told the dentist about my Crest strip problem so she gave me 2 Tylenol before the procedure.

I had the procedure completed in four 15 minute sessions (I thought was only supposed to be 3 sessions, but what do I know?) The last session was tolerable but did experience zinging pain shooting trough my bottom teeth which is when I should have told the technician to stop, but again, what do I know? Right?

Finally, machine beeped and the technician removed the "protective covering" and asked that I rinse. OMG!!! Rinse with cold water? NEVER AGAIN! She immediately gave me 4 Advil this time. So, I go home, go to work, and the pain is pretty severe. The procedure was completed at 1:30 and now it is 7:00pm and my bottom teeth are throbbing pain bad!!!! How much Advil can I take? I'm already up to 8 Advil so far. How long will this last? My teeth are whiter (not worth the pain as I feel like they could be whiter) and the pain in unbearable and I don’t wish this pain on anyone.

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