Tumescent Lipo on love handles and outer thigh - Omaha, NE

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I have worked on my legs for years and there was...

I have worked on my legs for years and there was nothing that would help. Once I researched the procedure I was sure that is what I wanted to do. I went into the office at 7:30 and was walking out by 2:20. I was awake the whole time. As the procedure was taking place I would tell the doctor or nurse if it was hurting and they would give me more numbing meds. By the time 1:50 came I was cleaned and wrapped up and given lunch. I heard horrible stories about the tumescent lipo compression garments, but they aren't too bad.

On day one I slept the day away. I woke up long enough to have some ice cream and go back to bed. Now on day two I have already been to the doctor's office to have my garment changed (which was full of blood and leakage) and tonight I will do it again by myself. There is no bruising, at least not yet and the bandages don't seem to have as much leakage on them. I plan on going to dinner with my in-laws tonight. Yes, I am a little sore and I am starting to go through the itching stage, but, overall I am very happy. I will try to download pics if I can.

They only do one procedure a day so it is a little more expensive, but it was worth it. They are also very professional.

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