Scar by Nose - Omaha, NE

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When I was younger I had a mole by my nose and my...

When I was younger I had a mole by my nose and my mom told me to get rid of it by placing battery acid. It got rid of the brown color but I formed a scar. It makes me really self couscious about my face because I don't feel pretty.

I went to a derma doctor when I was 15 years and he injected something which flatten it. It lasted a couple months and then came back again.I left it alone for ten years and went back to the same doctor and he suggested that he cut it out. I was too scared and so I decide to think about it more. I then went to a different doctor who injected something and this time it didn't do any good.

I was wondering what the best solution would be to make it look better or what the first derma doctor said is the best option.I especially hate it when I smile it shows more. Pls help.

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