35, Breastfed 5 Years, Athletic, 5'6", 115, Very Little Tissue Left, 450cc - Omaha, NE

Breastfeeding for 5 years and fitness training...

Breastfeeding for 5 years and fitness training left me with very little breast tissue. I have a wide breast base, broad shoulders and chest and wide hips. My doctor recommends 450cc. I don't even fill an A cup, but have to wear 32B ot C to accomodate breast width. I failed to take pics of bigger sizes because I liked the 375cc sizers so much. I suppose I'll lose 50cc going under the muscle, so 425cc is the smallest I should go. Anyone with similar stats going that big? I only want a C cup.
Going with Mentor high profile silicone gel.

Ug, sick and surgery postponed!

Going on 4 weeks with a cough and doctor wants me symptom free for a week. Surgery was scheduled for tomorrow and now 1-2 weeks from now! Sad! :(

425 or 450???

Here are the 3D images of 425cc (left) and 450cc (right). I feel like from the front 450 is the way to go, but looks too big from the side. Anyone have any thoughts??

Rescheduled for October 24!

Can't wait! Got a babysitter to get kids to school!

Surgery today!

Went in for 6am surgery, left before 9! Everything went great except for the first bit of nausea from IV. I love having boobs finally! Take your medications as directed and the pain is not too bad! Dr. Bruneteau recommended 450cc, he wasn't sure he could fit them in, but did! I can't wait to see them tomorrow! He thought that would be the right size for me at 5'5", 115#, and broad.

Looking good!

Got to see them today. I love them!

2 days post

Feeling alright. Still taking hydrocodone and muscle relaxers on schedule. But I put on real clothes today!
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