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My procedure was fairly simple, I did CoolSculping...

My procedure was fairly simple, I did CoolSculping on my upper arms, when they first hooked the machine it was a little painful and it felt weird, but after 10 minutes the area was pretty number and the treatment itself was not hard or too painful, the staff told me to avoid moving because the machine came come undone, I didn’t have any problems with the machine itself. The difficult part is when they take the unhooked the machine and did the massage, it HURTS I mean it really HURTS I almost didn’t let the staff treat the other arm, because the pain was awful, against the staff wishes I had to take some Tylenol (they said taking Tylenol could make bruise more).

I sucked it up and did the other arm and same thing the treatment itself not too bad, the disconnecting the machine and massage made me cry. I didn’t think I was going to be able to drive home from the his office. I waited for 10 minutes and the pain got better and drove home, I took some Tylenol again before I went to bed and was able to sleep fine that night, the next day I had some bruises in the treated area (I don’t know how to upload photos here) but it was not bad at all, and my arms were a little sore, I went to work all day (desk job) and kickboxing that night and was able to do both with no problems, for about a week my arms felt weird to the touch, like they were numb, the feeling itself was not a major problem, I only had to take Tylenol for pain management on the day of the procedure. It's been 6 weeks since my treatment and you can see the difference, and they say after 3 months that you really see the results. I can the results now, my arms look so much better I am really looking forward to show off my "new" arms this summer. My final conclusion is really worth it, and the massage after the treatment is very painful but is a short term pain by the next day is nothing like a bad memory and the results outweighs the 30 minutes of hellish pain.

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