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I recently discovered realself and never in a...

I recently discovered realself and never in a million years thought I would be getting a BA let alone posting my story on the internet! However, this website has helped me so much through this journey that I felt it was only right to contribute back. Maybe my story will help someone else, like all of your stories helped me.

My story is a little different from most of the others that I’ve read in the sense that I never imagined I’d be getting a BA. I’ve always had small breasts but it never really bothered me much. I’m athletic, ride horses and very active. I felt having bigger breasts would just be in my way. Mine were small but cute and perky and I felt my majorly padded bras gave me that bigger look for when I wanted it. It wasn’t until having children and breast feeding that I discovered having larger breasts was actually kind of nice and wow—my husband really liked those milk boobies! We started to talk about getting a BA and I kind of said it half serious, half joking but then after baby #2 was done nursing (and we were for sure done having kids) my boobs turned into tiny, saggy, sad little things. I realized maybe I really do want a BA. I knew how much of a turn on it was for husband and though I did this for me, I also did it for my husband. I know a lot of people say do it for yourself and only yourself but that’s just not the case for me. If my husband did care two bits about boobs I probably wouldn’t either. If he was super into butts then I’d be doing all sorts of butt exercises and have an amazing ass! But, no amount of working out will give me boobs—in fact it would probably shrink them more, ha! My husband is an amazing guy and it’s not that he told me I wasn’t sexy or anything like that but I want to feel sexy and confident in how I looked so yes, it was for the both of us!

Anyway, I struggled with worry, mostly about size—going too big or two small and the second biggest worry was what other people would say and think. I went to 3 different doctors who all suggested a different procedure and size which made this decision even more difficult. It really is true though---interview as many surgeons and facilities as you need to until you feel very comfortable. You will know when it just ‘fits’ and you’ve found the right place. I learned a lot at each consult and it gave me a better idea of all the possibilities and jogged me to do more research on my own. I also think you should take someone with you if possible. It can be overwhelming and by the time I got home and tried telling my husband everything they said I couldn’t remember and he always thought of more questions that I didn’t think to ask. So, anyway I ended up going with the 3rd place I had a consult at and so far I’m really happy with the whole process. My husband did a great job at coaching me through the whole “what will people say or think of me” worry. He just constantly reminded me it doesn’t matter what they think and who cares what they say. For an extra bit of comfort for me personally—I did a big color change to my hair two days before surgery. That way when people see me and think I look different I can just direct them to my hair. Whether they notice my boobs or not, at least I’ll have something to say that’s different and won’t have to be like, “Oh, I don’t know…?” Akward! So far I’ve only told my mom and cousin, who’s like a sister to me. I imagine I’ll tell some of my other close friends as it comes up but I’m just not ready for those conversations yet. I need to feel comfortable with this new self-image and as my husband would say, “It’s none of their business anyway.”

Surgery was yesterday and I’m on day 1 post-op. My breasts were uneven so I got 450cc on one side and 500cc on the other. I have Mentor, silicone gel mod + and incision was under the breast and implants placed on top of the muscle. I’ve been instructed to not take off my surgical bra until day 3 so haven’t had a real good look at them yet but so far, so good. I was worried about waking up and seeing these enormous boobs since it seems most people don’t have as large of implants and me but they look very proportionate and it just goes to prove that everyone’s body is so different that you can’t get hung up on the numbers. You need to just try on the sizers as many times as you need to in order to feel comfortable with your decision. I went in 3 different times to try on sizers because that’s how worried I was! They were always very patient and understanding with me which I think is a must. If your doctor seems to be annoyed at you or making you feel rushed then I say find someone else. This is a big decision and you should be allowed to do what you need to do to put your mind at ease.

I will continue to post updates since that was so helpful for me when I was reading other people’s experiences on here. Right now pain has been minimal but I’m also taking my pain meds around the clock and icing with frozen pea bags 24/7! I seem to be very bloated and my husband said that general anesthesia (GA) can cause bloating, who knew? I had a BM the morning of surgery so I don’t really feel it’s from being backed up so I’m hoping he’s right about the GA theory. However, on that note—I have been taking stool softeners since I know how much pain meds can back you up. Also, I’m trying to eat more fruits, veggies and whole wheat to keep my system working well.

Nausea on day 2 post-op

This afternoon I decided to go run some errands with my husband just to get out of the house. I felt terrible the whole car ride, like I was going to throw up at any moment. When we got home I took a nausea pill (totally forgot I had them) and laid down. I then started to dry heave for a little bit. Then laid down, rested a few hours and felt much better. Then I took a shower and saw them for the first time!!! They are way bigger than my bra let on but I'm super happy with them so far! By this evening I was well enough to go out with my husband and kids for a fall festival though I didn't do any: picking up, pushing stroller, carrying bags (it was kind of nice, ha!) Again, I'm back in bed. Probably did too much today and will rest all day tomorrow so I can go out trick or treating with my kids.

Day 1 Post Op

Can't wait to see what they look like! Have to keep bra on for a little while yet. I'm not going to risk anything so I'm following drs orders. I definitely hear the sloshing sound when I move sometimes. They told me that may happen from all the irrigation they put in during the procedure. Staying on top of pain meds every 4 hrs and icing 24/7 with frozen peas in freezer Ziploc bags.

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