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So ladies I've followed, follow me, and new to...

So ladies I've followed, follow me, and new to my story, I'm back but having to redo my review. So starting from beginning (I'll make it brief) I was a 32b, but gapped in my Victoria's Secret bra. I love to workout, cardio, p90x3 type stuff mainly. I went to 3 PSs originally, but chose the one who a lot of people I know went to and had great outcomes...mine unfortunately did not turn out that way. I had my BA done April 30th, receiving Mentor 400cc HP smooth round implants. I had weird pain from day one, but figured it was just from having surgery. It felt like my rib was broken on my backside. I couldn't breathe right when I laid down, so I always had to be a certain way. I obviously gave it time to heal, but my instructions weren't strict enough, I don't believe anyway. I was able to lift my kids after week one (my son wasn't quite 2 yet but was 28lbs). It felt a little weird, but not painful. I was back at work after 1 and 1/2 weeks.

Starting around week 5, I noticed my right wasn't really moving at all, but my left was dropping and moving inward toward my right. I could move it more freely, but I didn't like the feel and caused discomfort. I would tape my left boob up with ace wrap, but seriously, who wants to do that. I didn't pay that kind of money for that. I found a bra that was comfortable and held them in a better position. I went back countless times to my original PS, with being told "they're fine", "they're sisters, not twins", "give it time, they'll/you'll be fine". So I thought it was me just being picky, but it just didn't feel right.

After more conversations with the nurse and the PS, himself, discussing removing or just moving from unders to overs, I just decided to remove, heal and try again later...just with someone else.

So I met with a new PS. He was a partner to one of my original consults. Wish I met him earlier...loved his personality. He made small talk during initial consult, asked my concerns and listened to my story. Then he had me change so he could make his own judgment. He confirmed what I thought initially...symmastia. I asked him about just leaving alone. He said I could, but it would never get better. He said I could potentially deal with the look, but he was concerned with the pain. I asked if it was crazy to explant and retry later. He told me I want crazy and it was very probable. He said he'd consider textured implants, but he did stress that he said he'd "consider" not necessarily do.

October 15th, my husband and I got away for a little breather. I realized, high elevations were not my friend, but not sure if that's normal. I have friends with implants who've been high up and didn't have issues, but wow, was I in pain. Everything I moved my arm or laid down, I could hear the crinkling of my left implant. I could always feel the inner edge, which was gross, but 9000 ft up, I could feel, move, and hear a crunching noise. Gross! Only confirmed I needed them out.

So, October 28th, I had them removed. I hardly buised, only a little where the tubes for the drains were. I bruised horribly, which you can see in pictures, after the BA. I had drains for 5 days. I'm wrapped up like a mummy for 3 weeks with a thick chunk of gauze to create pressure on my sternum where he roughened it up to get the muscle to reattach to the bone better. It's been a little sore, but not horrible. The pain from the implant is gone, which is what we were hoping for. I have a 10 lb weight restriction and no working out for quite awhile. I will listen very well, as I want to heal as quickly as possible. Hoping to have them redone end of April. At least it's cold here and I'll be able to be covered up. Haha! I get my sutures out tomorrow...yay! So that's it for now. I'll post my pics, hopefully in order, and then get my current ones too. Thanks ladies! Xoxo

Before BA

During 6 months of BA

In clothes...loved them, but was a disguise

I was happy with them in clothes, but not swimsuits, unless it was a bandeau style. ?

3 weeks post explant

Still wrapping like a mummy, but too nervous not to. Last week I was told to do one more week, so I did. I might do a little more just to be safe. I can feel the tension still, but it's getting better. My new surgeon fixed the pucker one of my incisions had...yay! My local dance store had some coobie bras, so got a couple and I love them! Highly recommend them! I am anxiously awaiting next try at re-implantation.

2.5 post explant

Well, went for another check today. Doctor thinks everything looks great and symmetrical. Only problem is that I had gotten a horrible cough around Thanksgiving that lasted 3 weeks and caused me to pull the left muscle we were trying to fix and popped a couple ribs out of place. So much pain....I would have rather had the flu. Ha! Well, the ribs are all good now and my PS doesn't think it will last forever. Just may postpone my re-implanting surgery. I have to wait til the pain around my muscle goes away. Hurts when I cough, sneeze, blow my nose...it sucks. I feel like I keep re-injuring it. I'm going to my GP who also does my chiropractic adjustments to get one done next week to hopefully help. I see PS again in 3 months, unless the pain goes away sooner. Hoping to get redone beginning of May...fingers crossed.


I'm getting so anxious is ridiculous. I have a couple more months to wait, and then if I'm on here and seeing all your beautiful results, makes me want my boobs back even more. I just pray everything goes well this time around. I really would like to go larger than 400, but in afraid of the symmastia issue again. I've seen so many ladies with less than or thinner tissue than myself, and they go bigger with no problems. So makes me wonder why me, why can't I. I also now ponder on uhp, so I could potentially go bigger, but worry about too much upper pole and stiffness. I had HP before and they had no movement, but not sure if bc of my tissue, or lack there of, or if pocket was made wrong. Even though uhp have a more narrow base, it would still stretch the tissue, potentially causing symmastia again. My husband thinks I should just stick with what I had, and hope this time they are done well, and maybe they'll feel more and look more natural. I go in March 30th for consult and sizing. The muscle pain I had is gone, but the costochondritis issue is still there, mainly during my monthly cycle. Sucks, but I think I can deal with it as long as they look good. And he may do partially under the muscle vs all the way under. He doesn't think the mesh/internal bra will help or has the longevity, especially for the cost of it.

Realself issues

What is going on with realself?! I'm getting updates on people I don't follow and the picture that shows up is not the person's profile that it's attached to, or the supposed update has never been updated. Anyone else noticing these issues??

BA #2 scheduled!

I just spoke to scheduler and set up for May 3rd! .....let's just say I'm scared sh*tless!!! The random discomfort I was having with implants is still there every now and again, but mainly worse during my periods. When I was told it's costochondritis, I researched it, but it seemed there was no correlation between implants/symmastia, and haven't seen anyone with this pain before. The end of April will be 6 months post explant. The pain gets better if I work out my muscles by lifting weights. I still feel the area that was reattached to my sternum. Almost feels like when you flex with implants, but I have no implants in right now. I keep thinking I should wait longer, and my PS asked if I wanted to wait til fall, but I really dont want to. I personally don't think it'll change. I think I can deal with the discomfort as long as my implants look good, and don't pull up my tissue and shift medially.

He said they like waiting at least 6 months and it should be adequate timing. I would really like to go bigger and it makes me sad when I see smaller/thinner girls go much bigger with no problems. He asked if I would be ok with the 400 HP again, and I would as long as they are done right. I questioned if the 400s were too big, and he said he'd try make them work, but if he makes the pocket and he's leary then he'll do what size he thinks. He'll do extra internal sutures and a tape to hold in place. He'll have scar tissue to work around, so I'm really nervous I don't get symmastia again, or CC due to multiple surgeries and more scar tissue.

I can't afford to have them out again. Costs too much. Haha! Prayers please....or should I not consider going through it again. I hate not being to care for and hold my kiddos. I'm starting the emotional roller coaster. :-(

Whelp...is it a sign

I think I will be post-postponing my surgery, if even doing at all. I tried increasing my weight while working out...5 lbs only, but apparently my repaired pec didn't like. I'm having shooting pain near my sternum, to my back, up my neck, and sometimes down to my elbow. It hurts to breathe. I royally screwed up. I could barely put my son in bed without feeling like my muscle was ripping from my ribcage under my breast. My my right side is fine...is just my left side that was repaired. This is what makes me scared to go under the muscle again, in concerns of getting symmastia again. But, I just can't wrap my head around going above the muscle with my thinness. I'm so mad at myself and can't so crying....I just want my boobs back. :-(

1 month til preop!!!

Getting excited and anxious! September 19th is my preop and my surgery is set for October 6th! I can't believe how fast this summer flew by. My muscle feels way better. I've been working out 3-4 days a week, lifting weights and building my muscle up again. The pain has gone away, so praying implants won't bring it back. I really wish I could go bigger, but actually planning on going down just a little to 375. Mentally, I think it'll make me feel better. And hopefully my muscle won't be so tight around the implants. Fingers crossed!

Well, all done!

Went in this morning at 8, for a 9:30 surgery. We went in not really knowing what we'd do for sure. My PS said he'd been thinking about my case a lot...more than any other case. We were hoping to do 400 smooth unders again, but he thought those were too big when I'd had them done in the first place. When I had them removed last October, he couldn't even suture my tissue up bc it was SO thin. I ended up paying more this morning for textured bc his thoughts were that they prevent migration medially. He was going to ho under, since that's what he presfers, but then he came back 15 minutes later saying he's not comfortable putting them under the muscle due to amount of pressurr and thinness.

So.....I ended up with 325 HP textured overs. I trusted him to do what he thinks would be best. Anything is better than what I had :-) I'm hone now after an.hour drive hone. Feeling pretty good. A little back pain on left side that only seems to hurt when I lay back. Even though above the muscle, I'm still having some muscle pain...weird! But taking a muscle relaxer. Haven't had any pain meds since noon, and doing pretty good.

I go back.tomorrow morning for unwrapping and checking everything out. Will post pics hopefully tomorrow :-)

1 week post

Sorry no pics yet. I'm still really taped up. No pain since about day 5, but probably not as bad due to being 2nd time and not going under the muscle. No bruising like last time. I did have a little sore on the under inner part of my left breast from the tape...I have really sensitive skin. Lol. So with the sore, I've seen my doctor every other day so far. He says it looks good and healing well, but wants to keep clean so not to get infected. I'm liking how they look so far. Can't wait to get the tape off though :-)

4 weeks post

Yay! Tape is finally off, but I do still have restrictions, which is ok. My husband has been amazing, as well as my children! So far things look millions times better than last. They are more symmetrical, softer, and natural looking. I can't thank Dr. Edney and his staff enough. Fingers crossed and prayers said that they stay that way.

4 week pics

5 weeks post

Loving how they look and feel so far. Praying they stay this way! And so happy I can still wear the same bras from my 1st surgery. My husband sure loves getting pics. Lol

11 weeks post

I haven't updated and in awhile so I will put some pictures. As I am happy with the size and the shape and the fact that there is separation, I do notice rippling on my left side in the cleavage area, which I am NOT so happy about but I knew was a possibility. The fact that they are over and textured made the possibility more likely, it is not as noticeable in bright to normal lighting but definitely noticeable if I have poor posture or in dim lighting. That area was my problem area to begin with as the tissue is thinner there and the fact that he had to remove some scar tissue made it even thinner, but as of right now they're holding their place and they do look good in bras and my husband loves them. For being textured they're actually very soft. They actually move more and are softer than my smooth unders I had previously.

4 months post

Well, still overall happy with decision to redo. Yes, left upper interior rippling still visible in low light, but it's a little better since I started working out again. No pain from costochondritis anymore. They feel very soft, natural and bouncy. Way more than my others did. Also, I'm still able to wear my old bras from 1st surgery. Victoria's Secret 32DD. I do love my new sexy workout bra ;-)
Dr. John Edney

Dr. Edney and his staff are amazing! I can't say enough great things about them. Their care, personalities, friendliness...just everything....has been amazing! I would recommend him to anyone! I can't thank them enough :-)

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