"Old" Man Loses Love Handles

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I am a 54 year old man in pretty good shape. No...

I am a 54 year old man in pretty good shape. No matter what I did I always had love handles "hanging" around. They weren't really bad until I put pants on, then you could notice them. I decided to try the Smart Lipo only 3 days ago.

Went to Dr. in Dallas and the results shocked me. Right out of surgery the results were noticeable. I wasn't knocked totally out, he prefers to be able to talk to you during procedure. No pain at all during the operation. Truth is the most pain I have had was removing the tape covering the bandages. As others have said the pain is similar to a hard workout. The area still has some numbness, similar to your foot falling asleep.

If the results keep looking better (they say after the swelling goes down it will) I will be really impressed.

Hope this helps someone decide. It took me a year to get the courage.

Here I am 6 weeks out and found several things...

Here I am 6 weeks out and found several things.  One they don't really mention the numbness that starts immediatly and lfor me lasted about 5 weeks. You notice it but figure when it goes away life is good.  That however is when you then get to "feel" the discomfort.  When I jog I still have to wear the wrap as it is the only time it has hurt a lot.  The area apparantly isn't fond of bouncing up and down.   It isn't unbearable but hurts more than any other time in the process. When sitting for a while it still swells and then feels a bit uncomfortable, feels more like you are wearing you belt to high. 

I mention all this only for those who believe you get the procedure and it a couple of days life is back to normal.  It isn't or at least not for me.  Everything is cool as long as I wear the wrap, but once off the swelling continues and it becomes noticeable.  I would still do it again as the results are really good.  It doesn't take the love handles totally away but the softball is now a couple of golf balls.  When I get my 3 month pictures I will share. 

Innovations Medical Spa Dr. Johnson

The entire staff seemed to take an interest in me. Dr. Johnson was featured on the local news and really seems to care about you as a person.

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