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I went to a plastic surgeon in dallas who promotes...

I went to a plastic surgeon in dallas who promotes fraxel repair on the Internet. I had general anesthetic. Recovery was generally as described by others except I had an allergic reaction to the topicals. two weeks downtime. The doctor warned me that with my fragile saggy skin at 62 I would want a facelift after 6 months. I couldnt afford that.

I believed what I wanted to from all the reviews and hoped the rest did not apply to me. Stupid. I had noticed that on the official fraxel site FAQ , when asked how long it lasts, they don't answer it with any relevant information. That is the first warning. They owe us that much--be truthful.

The results were lovely for 6 months--my thin face with deep soft crows feet was fuller and smoother. Sagging around mouth/jowl much better. Only a few family members asked what I had done, they were very impressed-- others simply thought I looked wonderful. I was confident and happier--I had only wanted to look normal, not super young, and this achieved that.

At about 7 mos it was like a balloon beginning to deflate. Little by little I have returned to pre fraxel. It has been almost 1 year and I believe that the fraxel caused fat loss. Not just the progression of another year of aging, but worse. To be honest it is depressing. I paid extra for the general anesthetic (and did my neck which was a waste of 1000.) If this had lasted even 3 -4 years and I was not concerned about it possibly damaging the skin/fat I would do some areas again because i felt so much better. but it apparently only causes temporary swelling. And I had to pray there wouldn't be a family emergency while looking like a monster as I could not have attended for that week.

It seems crazy to be concerned about something like this. I started watching tv for images of people with skin like mine. Carolyn Kennedy is one of the few who has not done something. (In no time I will look like barbara bush sr.) Basically wrinkles are not shown in women on tv. All the "mothers" have had work done and look like the daughters.

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