Scar Revision on Nose Was Worse After Surgery - Any Sugestions? - Oklahoma City, OK

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I had gone to a local surgeon who was recommended...

I had gone to a local surgeon who was recommended as one of the better face surgeons in the area. I had a small (3mm diameter) round, depressed scar from a cyst that made me very self conscious as it was on the tip of my nose to the left slightly. The surgeon was friendly and positive. He drew a very small linear mark next to the volcano scar, and told me it would be a very simple step with good results. I was so happy that this annoying scar woudl be gone. A month later the scheduled appointment arrived. I sat in the waiting area for an hour and a half. I would have gladly rescheduled.

However, the surgeon finally finished his last appointment and called me back to the operating room. He looekd liked he had lost ten - fifteen pounds int eh last months he was unshaven and looked tired. I should have taken that as a sign to reschedule, but he seemed anxious to get the surgery done. When I entered the operating room he asked me if I knew whyI was there. I made a crosseyed attempt to look at tmy nose. "ah, good" he said.

Soon enough my nose was being numbed and I was lying flat on the table waiting for scar revision. I heard the nurse ask the doctor if he wanted to use a certain size scarpel. He said no. The nurse asked him "are you certian"? He said yes. Well the surgery was done, the scar taped up and I was on my way. Ok now I have this absolutly massive scar on my nose. It is a mostly rectangle scar that is 8mm long and 4mm wide. It is still depressed and looks nothign like the very small mark the surgeon drew on my nose post op. He himself realizes it is horrible and has offered at no charge to so the surgery again. I don't knwo what to do. Any suggestions?

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