I Had Ok Lashes but Not Great - Oklahoma City

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My top lashes have always been about average in...

My top lashes have always been about average in length and fullness, I've always had very few bottom lashes and all my lashes were very light brown. I love love love can't live without it love lastisse. My top lashes are now very long and really bring out the look of my eyes. I get compliments on them all the time. The instructions say not apply it directly to your bottom lashes but I do. It has improved the length of my bottom lashes but hasn't promoted new growth in the bare areas. Maybe some, but the overall change, if any, isn't much. Latisse has also darkened my lashes a little, so I use less mascara and look better when I don't wear any at all. I apply Latisse about 3 times a week to maintain my length. To make it more convenient, I apply it directly over my make up. I did get a clogged duct onetime, but I think that was because I was reusing the same brush too much.

Bottom Lashes

In my original review, I said that there was very little if any new lashes on the bottom. Since then, I've been applying Latisse more regularly to the bottom lashes and paying more attention. I need to correct that early statement. I've always had really sparse lashes on the bottom. The Latisse has def filled in some of the bare areas with new growth. My bottom lashes are still not "thick" but the Latisse has def improved them.
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