Dark Spots, Small White Bumps Under Eyes - Oklahoma City, OK

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I have had four fraxel treatments over the past...

I have had four fraxel treatments over the past 4-5 months. I was hoping to get get smoother skin across my checks where I had some enlarged pores and acne scars. I also had a small area a pregnancy mask I wanted to get rid of. The first session I had was great. It made my skin smoother, pores smaller, and got rid of the pregnancy mask.

The 2nd session they turned up the laser. At the 3rd session I pointed out to the docter a dark spot I had under one eye that was not there before. She did not act like it was a big deal and prescribed HydroQ4/Ka2/RAO.05/TMCO.05%. She told me to put it on my face every night before I went to bed. She then told me she was going to turn the laser up even more for the 3rd session, so that I would get really good results. When I went in for the fourth session I had brown spots under both eyes and a little bit on one cheek. The told me the were going to use a diffrent laser for the 4th session that would help more with pigment. It did fade the spots a littl bit. I have also noticed a few very small white bumps unders my eyes.

It was more painful each time, but was tolerably for me. I usually had a dew days down time. My skin would stay dark and would peel for about a week. They did numb my skin before hand and gave me a device that blew cool air on face during the procedure.

My questions for everyone is will the bumps go away? If I had another session done at the setting it was the first time, that seemed to get rid of the pregnancy mask, would it get rid of the dicoloration that I have now? I am starting to get very worried and need advice. Should I go to a dermatologist and see what the think? I am overall so far happy with the texture of my skin, but am very upset about the discoloration. Can this evr be fixed? I have a dark complexion.

Dr. Victoria Johnson (Laser Light Skin Clinic)

Feel they used the laser on too high of a setting for my dark complexion which caused the dark spots. After researching they should have left the laser on a low setting, and even after I pointed out the drak spots they continued to act like it was not from the laser and kept turning up each time. I wish i would have done my research first.

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