23 Years Old, 2 Kids, CoolSculpting

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I discovered CoolSculpting on an infomercial. I...

I discovered CoolSculpting on an infomercial. I had been debating a tummy tuck or liposuction to get rid of my stubborn belly pouch. When I learned how much more inexpensive CS was I decided to have a consult to see if I was a candidate and if so would it be as effective as a TT or Lipo. My initial experience is that I think it will be worth it. Your doctor should be honest and tell you if they think it is best for you or not as some cases it is more realistic to just go ahead and get a tummy tuck or lipo if you require more than 2 or 3 treatments.

Before Coolsculpting

Today is the day

I have my appointment set at 0830! My final before pictures with a weight of 152.8lbs. I plan to continue my workout routines and be more strict on my diet.

What a treatment!!

I came in at 0830, and started at around 9! I did both flanks at the same time and then 4 abdominal units one at a time for a total of 30 minutes each. Kind of how it went was they place this little gel sticker thing on your skin and then the unit. You'll immediately feel your fat get pulled into the unit, that doesn't hurt. The first 5 minutes, to me, are the second worst part. It's extremely cold so it sorta stings. Once you go numb you don't even feel it anymore. After 30 mins my tech removed the unit and here comes the worst part THE MASSAGE! OMFG if you have kids it's similar to the massage you get after vaginal delivery but kinda worse as you're sore from the cold. So the tech massaged the area for 2 minutes (which seems like forever when it hurts that bad). I finished around 1230. Will be posting biweekly photos and updates on soreness.

Day 4

The past few days haven't been too bad. I'm still numbish and tender. It's not painful just a little uncomfortable, can't sleep on my stomach. Swelling has went down a whole lot. I *THINK* I see progress but I've also lost 5 lbs since my treatment.

Day 5

Am I crazy?

Or do y'all see a difference? It's only been a WEEK! I've been staying on my diet pretty strict but haven't been working out as much. Holy crap I see a difference but I don't know if I'm just imagining it.

Last night was horrible

I felt a stabbing sensation for the whole night, pain killers didn't even work to fix it. It felt like needles were coming out of my tummy. It was mildly painful and REALLY annoying. It went away in the morning, however. I hope it doesn't come back again. Here's a photo from today, I'm loving my results.


Seeing more and more results everyday

Weeks 2 & 3

Still seeing results. I hope I continue to see more. This weekend I went to Florida and completely fell off my diet and workout and I'm still getting slimmer. Now that I'm back from vacation I'll be back to my healthy lifestyle.

Today's update

Really pleased with the results so far.
Name not provided

Ideal Image. I sent in a request for a consult via their website the night of August 9, 2017. My consult was August 10, 2017 in the afternoon. We discussed the procedure, my expectations, the areas of the fat I wanted removed. She showed me a brief video of the procedure and she had a tech come essentially pinch my fats to see where and how many units they'd use and how many treatments I'd need. She decided I needed 6 units total. My flanks (2, one on each side) and the last 4 on my abdomen. I can't remember which 2 they said I'd need a second treatment on though. After that she gave me the price of roughly 3,800 of which I could've financed or paid upfront. I chose to pay half that day and the other half the day of the appointment. I haven't scheduled my appointment yet as we're still processing the payment.

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