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I am so nervous yet beyond excited!! I am scared...

I am so nervous yet beyond excited!! I am scared of them being too big, but don't want them to feel tiny still. I am large A and want a full natural C. As of now, the plan is 350cc right and around 335cc left, sientra high profile textured. Hopefully this is the right choice. Any suggestions or similar experiences I would love to hear!

Last Postop!!

Went back into my doctor yesteday for my last consult before my surgery (which is only 19 days away!!!) I went back in to make a final decision on my size and I am happy with my decision! So last time I was struggling between 350 & 375. There are a few reasons why I chose the smaller size..
1) I am using Sientra textured. The only size options are 355 and then 385. I think that the 385 will be too big and will look more fake since they are the textured.
2) My nurse made this great point. I have not had children yet, so once I do they will more than likely change and may sag. Once I want to get them redone she said you usually have to go up a minimum of 100ccs in order to correct this. Thinking of having to go 485 just seems crazy! 3) I want them to be natural. Once I get used to them, I may think that they look "too small" but I would rather be able to use a push up bra per say then have to always tone them done and be insecure about them being too big!!
So the final decision was Sientra textured mid/high profile; 355 on the Right and either 355 or 325 on the left (this will be decided in surgery as to which gives me the most equal look!) I am totally excited and ready for my surgery. Hopefully this post helps someone else make their decision towards breast aug!
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