Divorced Mom of 4 (Set of Twins) Finally Getting my Tuck Tuck W/MR and Flank Lipo - Ohio

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I am a Mom of 4 (17, 12, 12, 8). Two pregnancies...

I am a Mom of 4 (17, 12, 12, 8). Two pregnancies delivered via c-section. Super excited/nervous that I am finally getting my tummy tuck on Nov 30th! After my divorce, I started working out to relieve stress (feel better about myself) and quickly realized that I would never see the results I wanted due to all of the loose skin. I decided to share my experience on this site since I am not really telling too many people. It will be nice to get encouragement and questions answered by women who have gone through/will be going through the same experience.

Pre-Op Complete!

Went to my pre-op visit yesterday. It is getting real now. I am so ready to get rid of my flap of skin, sagging belly button area and love handles, but I don't think I truly realize how much pain I will be in. My doctor answered all of my questions and encouraged me to keep asking. I am obsessed with googling so I always have a lot of questions lol. I told her I was really interested in knowing how much separation I have. She offered to take a picture! I am not sure if I will actually want to see my insides, but it will be cool to have if I'm brave enough to look.

I have all of my supplies together, cleaning & preparing meals this weekend. Might as well put up the Christmas tree too while I'm at it. I am sure I'm not going to be up for that anytime soon. Just hope I can get all/most of my Christmas shopping done online.

It's getting real

Just received the call with arrival time and instructions for surgery. I can't believe that this time next week I'll be in recovery or on my way home.

I plan on taking my "before" pictures this weekend. Not looking forward to that.
Allison Lied, MD

So far, so good. My doctor is extremely friendly and answers every question candidly.

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