smartlipo and labiaplasty - Ohio

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I am 24 years old and have struggled with the...

I am 24 years old and have struggled with the embarrassment of this problem since i have been a pre teen. It is extremely uncomfortable and makes me sad to even look at. I have never had a sexual partner who has ever commented in a negative way but honestly i think i have hid my lower body since puberty.i am excited to see the difference but like i said i am extremely nervous.

there are not very many reviews for labiaplasty on here so im not at all sure what to expect. I feel the same way about the smartlipo. there seem to be to be a lot of mixed reviews on here about smart lipo. i am only having it done on my mons pubis and lower abdomen.

When i was reading reviews for smart lipo it said that a lot of swelling is in the mons pubis but this is one of the main areas i need lipoed! i am very scared and nervous for both procedures and they are only a week away, i think i am more scared about feeling something during the surgery. Also, how i will feel afterwards. any advice would be appreciated.

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