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I initially had this procedure done to correct...

I initially had this procedure done to correct tear troughs that were just starting to become more prominent. I am 39 years old and work in a field whereI am photographed constantly. I had thought I was getting Juvederm done but had actually signed off on Radiesse!!

The Nurse Practicitioner had informed me of this when I went back after not being entirely happy with the results the first time. She also injected the small amount that remained into my lips at my request. I am not happy with the results of this as well!! The first time the results wern't so bad but went back for a bit of unevenness. The second time was awful. I now have a prominent line above my eye socket and small lumps which you can feel when pressing down into the skin. I am sick to my stomach bc I look worse now than when I originally came in because my tear troughs were not quite that bad to begin with. If I would have known she was going to use Radiesse I would have opted out. I feel like I was duped and don't quite understand why this wasn't communicated to me more. I had told her as well that I had my lips done with Juvederm in the past and was happy with the results. You would have thought at that time she would have said "well, I am choosing to use Radiesse on you today because . . .!? I have an appointment again today at 2:00 and don't quite know how to proceed. Can another filler be used to smooth out this area? I will ALWAYS double check on what I am being injected with before I receive the injection. Please, any further comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would only go to some one who is VERY experienced with tear trough injections and who informs you about the product itself and verbally states its pros and cons before the actual procedure is completed.

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