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Hi! I think it's about time to do an about me.....

Hi! I think it's about time to do an about me.. I'm 5'4 about 113 pounds and 19 years old. I've been thinking about getting breast implants ever since I can remember when my best friend started developing early and Im still waiting for my turn to have big breasts lol right now I'm a 34 b and my breasts are also slightly asymmetrical and that's my main reason for wanting to get implants! I have a boyfriend who loves how I look now and doesn't want me to change anything but he's also being supportive. Right now I'm looking for the perfect surgeon for me in Ohio and I'm so excited to get this process going! I'm wondering if there's anything I should do before surgery like lose weight so when I can't work out after surgery I don't get upset lol I have another consultation on the 21st so I will update after then.


After first consult

So I went to my consult today and the doctor explained the surgery and I got prices but we didn't talk about sizing or anything apparently I am supposed to bring pictures I can get from a website but I have no idea what to bring ugh and as we were almost done his assistant told me they are having a special buy one implant get one free so that's a $450 discount if I plan my surgery and put $500 down to have it september 17th..... No pressure... Lol any of you ladies have experience with care credit? Because I definitely can't pay in full by next month... Goodness this is starting to feel stressful!

Oh and he wanted to put the same ccs in both breasts... I asked him about it and he said my assymetry is so minor it's nothing to try so hard to adjust... He seemed like he knew what he was talking about and I really do hate having one breast that's full at the top and one that's not so maybe if they were both big and full I wouldn't really notice... Ill keep you updated ladies and let me know if you have any advice!

different doctor, different consultation

I decided to go to another doctor to get another opinion...
He was very nice, very informative, didn't rush me at all and I tried on sizers right there in the office and I was very surprised at how much I loved 425 ccs from the side but I think looking at them head on made me realize probably how ridiculous that would be lol. Anyway he had told me that he would recommend saline high profile 350 to 400 range to get me what I want, he said I had very little asymmetry but if were doing saline we might as well fill the smaller one 10 to 15 ccs bigger just to make me happy.. Which was a relief considering the other doctors I saw told me "not to worry about the size difference". I'm a little nervous about high profile I see a lot of women who it looks beautiful on but so does the moderate plus profile... I'm just hoping the high profile wouldn't cause too much of a gap between my breasts... But my cousin went to this doctor and highly recommended him for his experience and expertise so I feel like I should just trust in what he says! Got the quote for $6280 and they do absolutely no specials, not even cash discounts... his coordinator said it's because he's so good at what he does he basically doesn't need specials... that was a little weird that she said that but I said okay and have been pondering it! I mean, the price is very competitive but cash discounts other places at least give you about 10% off... Oh well in this business you pay what you get for!

Since I'm a server I really need to figure out how I am going to take two weeks off work after the surgery when I can not lift any heavy plates or drinks.... definitely worried about that! I don't think I can just live without working for two weeks I might drive myself and my boyfriend absolutely crazy... lol.

Oh, and I almost forgot.. the doctor had the Vectra 3d imaging at his office and I was so excited about it! He took my pictures and sat down at the computer and clicked on the Vectra to start it up and...... nothing. The power went out three days ago so the computer was having issues... just my luck lol. I was so excited to see my breasts digitally altered to the implant size I was thinking of. Total bummer.... he apologized and said before I schedule anything he'd be happy for me to come back in and he promised it would work next time... ugh... lol. I'm thinking if I visually got to see what I would probably look like it would take a lot of the worry about size and high profile off my chest... no pun intended!


I decided to go with Dr Leedy and I am sooo excited. My surgery date is set march tenth! I even have a countdown app on my phone for it lol so far I am more excited than nervous but the nerves may set in more as I get closer. Putting 4 thousand down and financing the rest through care credit. Price is $6280

I've started buying bralettes from Victoria's Secret, a new bathing suit top in 34d and a neck pillow... I'm trying to get prepared haha slowly but surely.

Still haven't completely decided on size.. Doctor used vectra 3d imaging last time I was there and we had talked about high profile mostly but the vectra said it'd be good if I had the mentor saline moderate plus profile sooo idk. He had me look at both high profile and mod plus and they looked very similar he just said mod plus would probably fit my chest a teeny bit better and I was surprised since I do have a pretty small frame! I don't want to regret not going big enough but I am horrified to look like my mother who got her implants and was 330 then got her redo to 450 and honestly I just feel like they look ridiculius but she's like ohhh I wish I would of gotten a little bit bigger. Sometimes I feel like women forget where they started and are so eager to be nothing but boobs. Also I haven't had kids yet and I'm afraid if they will get even bigger after so that would be a possible freak out for me!

I just want to have cleavage already and I feel like this will help my self confidence not to mention sex life so I'm hoping march tenth comes up fast!

As for work I am taking two weeks off I am trying to see if I can pick up any hosting shifts or get small sections at first serving so I would only get two tops. I'm afraid of having to ask everybody there for help because of sidework but I can't take more than two weeks off. My 8 month pregnant sisters boyfriend recently moved out of their condo so I am moving in to help her with expenses and my little niece when she comes and if I would of known this I would of post poned my surgery but it was already scheduled. Oh well I believe family always comes first I just hope I can make everything work! Everyone wish me luck I will keep you posted!

Before pictures

3 weeks to go until my brand new boobs!!

Honestly I was embarrassed to post some completely nude shots but hopefully some people will be able to relate to my pictures and it'll help them! Here are some before pictures you can see more of my slight size difference and how I am so ready to have breasts that are bigger and more proportional to my body! I literally can not wait!!!!

I have a friend who was a 34b and got 330 ccs saline and she says she is a D and her boobs are plenty big and she is bigger than me in general too so I'm scared about 375 cc I was thinking maybe 350 or 360 ccs ... My pre op appointment is coming up next week so I guess I'll have to make the final decision then. My bf works which is Stupid because he requested off so idk if he will be able to go with me but I really wanted him to meet my doctor and see the sizers :/

I will keep you posted!

Vectra 3D imaging

375 cc mod plus simulation on me the top view looks good but the side view is telling me those are way too big... Ugh but I see so many girls with 375 cc and their breasts look beautiful! Maybe I should be thinking of less! Opinions?!

Pre op appointment CHECK! ?

Hi beautiful ladies!

So today I had my pre op appt my boyfriend surprised me he switched his work shift around so he could go with me! I tried on the 350 sizers and we agreed it looked good under clothes but knowing that means I'd get 375 inserted (because of accounting for losing some ccs behind the muscle) we said go down a little bit in size because I could always wear semi push-up bras not all just lightly lined ones! So we saw 350 in the imaging software and I was like yes perfect! My bf and I agreed it'd be big but not too crazy which is what I want! My ps said it was a good decision and he thinks they will be big but not hold me back from activities and things like that so it'll be a more "athletic" look than the 375!

Were doing mentor moderate plus profile and he is using one that has a little more projection than just the standard mod plus one they they offer. It looked great on the imaging software! He was like do you have any questions? I'm like NO I AM JUST SO EXCITED! Lol I could barely contain myself I can not wait for my new and improved boobs! My chest is weird and my ribcage is different so one breast sits differently but he is going to put more ccs in the smaller one to help with the illusion that they're the same but prob just ten to fifteen ccs different!

Oh and I have dermals under my belly button and asked if I had to get them removed and he said no but you have an infection with one :( of course I've never had problems with them until now so he gave me antibiotics and said if I have an active infection then he can not perform the surgery so hopefully that's not the case I need this to hurry up and heal I have until march tenth!

My bf said he's still not sure about this whole thing and is nervous so I hope they turn out great and he ends up loving them!

Oh side note my PS told me no green tea a week before surgery I was like what I thought green tea was good for you! He said it thins the blood so it's a bad idea before surgery! Never knew that but glad he told me! Alright this update is long so I'm sorry if you've read this far I am just really excited lol talk to you soon and hopefully it'll be when I have my new boobs!

I've got boobies!


Didn't hardly sleep three hours last night I was too nervous. My boyfriend took me to the hospital and my doctor saw me and we decided on 350 in my smaller breast 400 in my bigger one and I had sooo many awesome nurses everyone was so nice my whole operating team was great and there was even a student in there I was the first breast augmentation she watched! A different nurse woke me up and I told her I was nauseous and she gave me gingerale I drank so much of it then drifted off to sleep before she gave me meds through my IV for my nausia I woke up and almost threw up twice then felt better. My boyfriend came in helped me get dressed, failed miserably in putting my hair in a pony tail lol I was so mad I asked my nurse to do it and she laughed and put it up for me then they got my wheelchair ready and she came close to me and said "they look great, enjoy them!" (: then I was in the car leaving.

We went to giant eagle and walked around as my meds were being filled then I picked them up we went to Panera and got food then went home.. My aunt was at my house visiting my new niece and she was like what did you get surgery on? I told her and she was like omg are you serious?? Haha but she was very supportive. I haven't been hiding it or being embarrassed about it because at the end of the day it's my decision and I am not ashamed of doing it so I will not let people make me feel like I should be! The more people hide things the more ammo other people have towards them.

My doctor has me raising my hands in jumping jack motions five times until bed which sucks! Now it says I should lay on my breasts for a couple minutes but I just think there's no way... I will see what my body can do but I don't want to force anything. My dad is taking me to my follow up appt tomorrow at nine am then my two best friends and my friends bf are coming over to visit me so I will probably update tomorrow sometime!

Oh ps the worst part of my surgery was my IV I freaking hate that thing it hurt lol

Day of surgery before my shower

340 and 350 ccs


My first update after my surgery says I got 350 and 400 idk how to change it I guess I was still a little loopy lol it's 350 and 340 mod plus saline


I think some of the swelling has gone down because they look smaller but they've gotten higher up... They looked so good on the day of surgery idk why it took so long for them to get higher up! Hoping my 340 and 350 cc will take me from a B cup to a D cup that was the plan! I know it takes weeks for them to drop and months for them to do it completely but what was anyone else's experience? How long did it take for you to get your final size and did they look bigger as they dropped and fluffed?


Side boob post op got very high up on my chest :(

Feeling really upset

Feeling upset because my smaller breast is still smaller after Surgery and I didn't expect it to be perfectly even but I definitely think there should of been more than a ten cc difference imjust very upset because it's not as round as my other breast so now it's $6000 and I still feel the same insecurity it sucks. My boyfriend says it's not very noticeable but it is to me :( ugh

Blue bikini after

My blue bikini at a month post op
My, how much has changed!

This journey

So since I got my implants in I had developed an infection which forced me to have to get my implants out. They were taken out on July 24th, 2014 and I have been patiently waiting to get them back in.

My update right now is because I have been on this site trying to get helpful information on how to move forward and I came across a profile of a girl who posted her story. She started off like me being a 32 b and she wanted implants for as long as she could remember and once she got them (350 so same size as me) she hated them and thought she was so stupid to do that to herself then had to get them removed. The entire time of her post she was talking about how mean she was being to her mom and her boyfriend and it just made me very upset. It made me very frustrated because I think when people get elected cosmetic surgery they should know what they are doing. They should realize hey I am getting rid of my breasts now and getting implants it is not like a magical fairy can take the implants out and make you exactly how you were before. I have gone through so much effort and pain to try to get my implants and yet there was someone who was so ungrateful for her surgery and was taking it out on other people because she didn't know what she wants.

So moral of the story is MAKE SURE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT before you sign up for surgery. This is a serious thing it's not just some fad that you should be participating in because you want to look like somebody else. You are YOU. You should try to spend time loving yourself exactly the way you are and if you are like me and you feel like you were supposed to develop big full breasts but never did... then please get the surgery. But if that's not you then don't you dare pay a bunch of money, let someone cut you open and have to recover from SURGERY.
I have never felt more happy or more like my true self than when I had my implants in. I felt soooo confident, like I could do anything. And now that my implants are out I have been suffering serious depression that I am trying to handle in the best way possible. So yes, this sort of stuff can mess with you but please do not think that is an excuse to take it out on your boyfriend, family, friends or anyone for that matter! Things will not get any close to getting better if you have a bad attitude and you need to make the very best of your situation every day no matter what it is.

Okay sorry for my rant but I felt that it was very important to get that out!
I hope that all you beautiful ladies are doing great and I will continue posting what happens with my journey.
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