Invisalign Express Review - Ohio

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I had jaw surgery (BSSO) when I was seventeen and...

I had jaw surgery (BSSO) when I was seventeen and had braces on for nine months afterwards. The surgery went really well and Im thrilled with the results. My braces came off seven months afterwards and I think that was a little too early. But I left for college and didn't wear my retainer enough, and then I lost them. I went about a month without retainers and my teeth moved significantly so I went back to my orthodontist and he suggested invisalign.

I needed eight trays for my invisalign express treatment, and by the end the results were almost perfect except for one tooth that was still a little rotated. Surprisingly, the refinement required nine more trays, and I'm just about finished with treatment. I'm so happy that I went through with it. I've been in orthodontic treatment for at least ten years in some capacity, and I'm glad I didn't settle for less than perfect results. I get compliments all the time about my smile, and I'd recommend invisalign to anyone.

My main concerns in the beginning were cleanliness, inconvenience, and the seemingly long treatment time. I was worried that the trays would get really dirty and gross and that they would be as noticeable as the clear plastic retainers. But they clean really well, especially considering I occasionally drink tea while they're in. I was also worried that the trays would feel weird in my mouth. My clear plastic retainers often cut my gums because they're a little too big, but invisalign is shaped so that it will have no contact with your gums. So they're really comfortable. I actually would rather wear them than not.

The only inconvenience is having to brush your teeth so often. I have tO brush after any morsel of food I eat, and that makes it tough to eat a lot of small meals.

Overall I'm very pleased with my results and I would recommend the investment to anyone!

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