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I am pretty tiny - 5'1" 112 lbs. But I...

I am pretty tiny - 5'1" 112 lbs. But I have always had these monster love handles that ive hated pretty much my whole life. I did not do this for weight loss but to change my shape.

I got the coolsculpting on my "flanks" yesterday and if it does what it has promised to do it will be well worth it. The procedure itself was painless. It felt weird, like a super strong vacuum plus ice cold (which just went numb right after it started). It took an hour for each side which wouldn't have been bad except i had to sit up in an awkward position to keep the thing attached.

When they take the thing off, they massage the area to bring the circulation back and that burned like fire!!! Very painful, but didn't last long. The pain actually made me nauseous which is weird because I have a very high tolerence.

Today I feel great... My monsters are tender to the touch just like if I worked out, but I feel normal.

Cost was 600 per side. Office had a special going, normally would be 700. Because this is so new take advantage of doctor office specials. I also got a free bottle of Latisse.

So... Based on the low(ish) and low amount of pain, if I even get ANY results I'd say that this worth it.

Will post after pictures and updates as they come...

Day 2: Even less sore.

Day 2: Even less sore.

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