Premature Wrinkles at Age 18 - Botox Isn't Lasting More Than 2 Months

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Okay so here is the deal: Im 18 years old and due...

Okay so here is the deal: Im 18 years old and due to genetics and WAY to much regrettable sun exposure I have premature wrinkles across my forehead and my glabellar lines are noticeable. So I turned to Botox to hopefully prevent the further deepening of the lines.

I went to a reputable doctor and paid to have my glabellar lines and forhead lines done. The first time around it clearly didnt take so a month later I went back and had more injected. This time around it seemed to work a bit better with the glabellar lines but not with the vertical lines.

A little over a month later I decided to go to another doctor recommended by friends. This time the doctor tried Dysport. He actually took his time and saw where my problems were and injected 35 units of Dysport total and it cost me $330 Its been alittle over 24 hours and ALREADY i am experiencing a drastic amount of difference! The lines across my forehead are smooth and I have little movement (which is what I wanted) and the glabellar lines are much less noticeable!

My only worry is, will it last? While of the three tries, this one seems to be showing the best results so far. Im just fearing that it will wear off too quickly. I will be devastated if i cannot prevent my lines from deepening.

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My second doctor I recommend because he takes his time with you and doesnt just inject in random places and send you on your way $500 poorer.

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