57 and Six Months After Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction - Ohio

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Three pregnancies, lots of stretch marks,...

Three pregnancies, lots of stretch marks, appendetomy ugly scar, menapause weight gain, Needed to make a change to feel better as well as eliviate heavy saggy breasts. Wow, it is amazing that very short term sacrafices; time and discomfort can give you a new lease on life. Feel more comfortable in your own body, yes even at age 57, hey sure look pretty good in two piece bathing suit at an age that most would not; or should not even consider wearing.

No more shoulder pain, stretch marks and appendectomy scar gone. I call it a grammy makeover, not mommy makeover. You have to do what makes sense for you; comit to it and make the most of new sense of physical well being.

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