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So I definitely haven't come close to receiving my...

So I definitely haven't come close to receiving my tummy tuck, but I'm full of curiousness and questions. I have read review after review and have really gained some insight on this particular procedure, in hopes of it preparing me for what I'm about to be up against. I have had two C-sections and have recovered quite well from those and the pain was bearable to where I consumed only Ib-profen to get me by (strong meds make me sick ). Although I'm sure the tummy tuck procedure is probably different, I do have several unanswered questions running through my mind. For all you ladies who have experienced the C-section and have received the tummy tuck, how does it compare? I'm super curious and would love to hear experiences :)

Change of plans!

So with a lot of deliberation, I've decided to get my TT done sooner. Since I'm going to school I'm taking two weeks off after winter quarter. I think it's gonna give me a decent amount of time to prepare for summer. I've read so many reviews on the recovery process and am nervousness that I am not leaving myself enough time. Eeeeek I'm so ready to get this thing done and over with. So many woman look amazing after having the procedure done. I'm ready to wave goodbye to the belly fat and start loving what I see!

Time is flying by....

Wow, I can honestly say it seems like forever since I've written something on here. I have read and seen so many reviews the past couple of weeks and all you ladies look so amazing. You have definitely given me an utter amount of confidence. My scheduled surgery is about a month away and I'm getting a little more anxious. I can't tell you how lucky I am to have a husband who is so supportive and who is going to be my nurse through it all. I am seriously dreading the drive to my surgery. I live in Washington and my Doctor is all the way in Utah. It's a super far drive, but I have known several people who have went through him and have had amazing results, so I guess that is the benefit in all of this. I am hoping that here in a few weeks I will be sent some info on the things I should be getting to get prepared for my surgery, or am I supposed to know these things on my own? I have seen several pictures of different lotions, ointments, garments, medicines ect. that all you ladies have gotten. I hope they inform me on this cause I would hate to be unprepared. Anyways, at the meantime I'm in school and hoping to receive a break soon. I know that during this process I will need as much rest as possible. If there is any advice you ladies think I should take in consideration, I'm all ears :) the more information, the better :-)

The Time is almost here!! eeek

Wow, just a few months ago I was on here reading about everyones reviews, and I was like "wow everyone looks great after surgery, mine is so far out still." Lol. Now I'm about 2 and a half weeks out. Im getting so nervous and have been wondering If I should go through with it. I've read good recoveries and bad and I'm starting to get a little scared. I'm kinda worried cause I haven't received any paper work or information of what steps I need to do to prepare. For all you ladies that chose to do you surgery out of state, did you have the same issue? I heard you have to get blood drawn and maybe prescriptions, not sure though. Any advice is appreciated on how to prepare before surgery. I'm new with this and haven't known anyone going through this procedure, except you wonderful ladies :)


WOW!!! Well I've waited for so long for my surgery day, now it's only a week away. I'm so excited, but yet so nervous. I'm not really sure what to expect. I'm praying for a speedy recovery, but obviously anything is possible. A girl can dream though. lol. I finally received my papers from my doctor and started taking ferrous sulfate mixed with iron 325 mg. I guess it's supposed to help the recovery process or so the papers say. I also got my prescription for my Keflex, which is an antibiotic that I have to start taking the day before surgery. They want me to do a blood test, but it has to be done 5 to 3 days before surgery or they will make me do it again, so I'm waiting on that. I hate how you have to sign your life away, it almost makes the process a little scary. I want to prepare more for my surgery after. I know from reading from all you beautiful ladies, you have gotten some type of cream for your scar after. What do you guys recommend??? Also I was told by the ladies from my doctors office to bring comfy clothes to change. I'm thinking leggings, sweats or yoga pants. What else have you ladies bought that you would recommend? Do you think Suppositories would help nausea? PLEASE PLEASE ladies I need all the advice I can get. My surgery is coming up really fast and I would like to be prepared :)

7 more days!!!!

Well the time is almost here and I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I am a little stressed cause trying to find another doctor to remove my drains sucks. Being since my surgery is out of state I only plan on staying just a few days. I've started to prepare a bit. I've boughten saltines for tummy and ginger ale. My stomache doesn't do well with narcotics, but I'm positive I will be needing them. I'm praying for a speedy recovery. Lol. Anyways I can't wait to say good bye to my yucky tummy and finally be on the flat side with all you beautiful ladies :-)

2 More Days!!!

Well my husband and I have been on the road for about 6 hours. We are driving all the way from Washington to Ogden Utah. Let me tell you, it's definitley been a long drive. We still have 3 hours to go. I'm hoping it goes by fast. Lol. I'm pretty much all ready for my surgery. Had my blood taken and sent to my doctor already. I've also been taking my iron that was recommended by my doctor and start my antibiotic tomorrow. Tomorrow is my actual consultation. I'm looking forward to that so I can get more of an idea of the operation alone and having my questions answered. We decided to bring my son with us on our trip so my husband can have someone to keep him company while I'm recovering. Lucky for us we got a discount on our hotel because of large amount of out of town business my surgeon gets. It also has an indoor pool, so we are definitley looking forward to taking advantage of that in the meantime. Anyways, good luck to all the ladies who are getting their surgery done and happy recovery for all the ones who have had their procedure. Wish my luck ladies. I can't wait to join the flat side :-)

Forgot to post pics


Oh my. So where do I start. Well after I woke up today I received a call from the place where I did my labs. Unfortunately I missed their call and so they left a message asking me to call them back. Immediately I thought something was wrong with my lab results. When I called them back they informed me out of the 2 tests that were supposed to be done, only one was actually ran. Apparently the lady that took my blood tests forgot to put the other in the system and didn't send it off to the lab. Mind you I'm 2 states away from where I originally had my blood drawn. Grrrr. So my doctor calls them asking for the tests because he can't perform my surgery which is tomorrow if he doesn't get the tests back. So I had to go out of my way to a hospital here in Ogden Utah, get my blood drawn again and have it faxed and processed immediately. It has been extremely frustrating. Luckily the lab place is going to waive the test they screwed up on and a claim has been started. I'm assuming the person who took my blood might get in trouble, which is unfortunate cause she was sweet as pie. So after all that mess I went to my consultation and paid off my bill. I'm officially nervous and sick to my stomach. Is that common???? I even hesitated on asking for my money back cause I'm so scared. I have ride in a car for about 8 hours back home and am scared. Has anyone else had to travel by car after surgery and if so what do you recommend?? Well my surgery is at 9 in the morning. I'm praying all goes well and leaving it in God's hands. Is it normal to think about "what if?" Anyways ladies please pray for me. See you all on the flat side. Xoxo

Finally on the flat side !!

Had surgery at 9 this morning. I woke up in extreme pain and felt beyond nauseated. They gave me medics for that and loaded me on morphin which has been my best friend lately. It's super hard to get up and even walking to the bathroom has sucked. I've got a full farmer compression on which is making me feel secure, but it sucks cause I've got to potty through it. I'm always nervous I'm gonna get it on my CG. So far so good though. I'm managed to keep food down, but have been groggy and in out of it all day. My husband and son have been into see me throughout the day and just seeing their faces has really helped my self esteem :) I ended up getting transferred to a recovery center where all the staff has been amazing and super attentive. Well that's about it for now. I'll update pics of my tummy later. Happy healing for all of those out their who have already had their procedure done :-)

Forgot to post this :-)

Baby fat is all gone. Yaay!!

I have so far it have had an amazing experience. The staff that has been taking care of me has been super awesome. My doctor came into visit me this morning was so nice. I have been in and out of pain, but when I take my pain meds I feel so much better. I'm a little groggy and want to sleep. I'll update you later. Good luck to all of you ladies waiting to get your TT or who have already done it!! ????

Holy headache!!!

Woke up with a hardcore headache! Help. What can I do to get rid of it????

Someone Help Me!1

Ok, so where do I start? I woke up this morning in extreme pain. I have been keeping up on my meds but it still isn't always enough sometimes. Getting in and out of bed is the pits. It hurts like hell. My poor husband has been by my side through all of this, but I can tell he is drained. I haven't had a bowl movement since Tuesday and fret having to feel like I'm giving birth out of my rear. I have started mirilax and have taken it twice, still nothing. So I'm crossing my fingers. My poor tummy is so bloated and I have gas like crazy. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions on how to subside the bloating??

SWELL HELL and super miserable!

Well.... it's day 4 and I am beyond swollen. I am also super bloated. I have been waiting patiently for a bowl movement and my body doesn't want to cooperate with me. I had a bit of a break down today and questioned "'why I did this to myself?" I guess it's normal to feel like this. I think I'm just getting a little discouraged because I see all these beautiful women who are recovery quite well. I have tried stool softeners, mirilax, prune juice and even coffee. Nothing at all seems to be working. I'm super bummed, and scared of the pain. I guess for now all I can do is wait it out. Seriously so depressing :(

Lord help me!!!

Ok ladies I need some quick advice. I recently started this annoying cough. It usually happens when I fall asleep. It's like an itchiness in my throat. Is anyone going through the same thing? Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

Thank God for Pooh!!

After 5 days of misery, I finally went poo. Lucky for me all the mirilax, stool softeners, and prune juice made it easy peasy. It was soft and lucky for me, no hard pushing. So far this morning has been great. I removed the bandages from my belly button to let it breath and about got queasy. It's always so different admiring everyone else's pictures, but when you have to look at yours it makes you a bit nauseous. At least it did for me. Lol. I'm still really swollen. I know it's normal from what I have heard and seen, but geesh I look like I'm 3 months Prego. Is that normal? I'm trying to figure out ways to get the swelling down a bit, but not really sure on what else I can do. Do you ladies have any ideas and have you had hardcore swelling at all? I feel like I'm the only one who looks like they are going to pop, though I'm sure I'm not. I can walk semi up straight, but I'm still hunched over quite a bit and man does my back hurt. I still feel tight and stiff as well. When do you start to feel normal??? Does anyone know? Anyways I have seen so many ladies on here progress and look amazing, I can only hope I will look the same. I'm still waiting to post pics, I am just to swollen to take off my CG. Thanks for all your support and advice ladies, it really helps me :)

Starting to feel a little normal............

Today is the first day I am actually starting to feel somewhat normal. I'm pretty much off my pain meds, but I will take a half of one here and there when I feel the need to do so. I have noticed some days I'm really tight and uncomfortable and trying to position my body in a comfortable position doesn't work well. I think the swelling is finally starting to go down a little, but I still feel pretty swollen. I have yet to really take or pull my CG down or off. Being since my PS is out of state he wants me to wait just so I don't accidentally pull out my drains too soon. I have been ok with that just because I have been so miserable and looking at a bloated swelling tummy probably wouldn't boost my self esteem right now. I'm praying it all looks well under there. Though I'm sure it does. Luckily my drains are slowing down tremendously, so I am hoping that I can get relieved from them soon. That would be such a relief. I am drinking tons of lemon water. Thanks to one of my RS friends on here who suggested it. I absolutely love it and feel like it is replenishing my body. I heard and read lemons are great for you as it is :) I have also been up and walking a bit more, but it feels so tight and I'm so hunched over that it's still very difficult. Do any of you ladies know when you start getting past the point of being hunched and feeling extremely tight??? Anyways.... today is a beautiful day where I live. It's in the 70's and is clear. The sun sure has a way of putting a smile on my face in times like this. Anyways I hope all my beautiful RS friends are healing great and having amazing recoveries and for those still waiting............ Good luck on your journey :-) Hopefully I can post pics soon.

Drains out!!!

Well today I got the go to take my drains out, there is only one problem. My surgeon is 2 states away!!! Has anyone ever taken their own drains out before? I was told that I could or I could have someone else do it, but am quite nervous. Minus that, I'm still super swollen. It's actually getting quite irritating. I have been taking it easy and have done very little in hopes that it would simmer down, but it's not doing much. Is anyone else feeling and going through the same thing? Ugghhh so annoying. I really want to pull my garment down but I have been really scared for some reason. I guess I am nervous on being disappointed because of my swelling. I guess it's probably normal or maybe it's not and I just have a case of paranoia. Most mornings I wake up and seem to be in a bit of pain. I think it's from sleeping in one position throughout the night. During the day the pain levels out and I am doing pretty good. My husband says I have been a bear lately, but I think it's do to lack of not being active and mobile. I am so ready to be out in the real world. I guess you never realize how much this surgery confines you, until you go through the surgery process.


So ok in my last update I had questioned on how to take drains out. Well I started thinking to myself "I'm going to school to be a nurse, don't be such a wimp." Although I have yet to attend an actual nursing school and am in the process of receiving my AA, I figured why not give it a shot. So with the doctors guidance over the phone I pulled my own drains out!!! It actually wasn't too bad. And man what a relief!! It sure makes you feel like a whole new person. I now know what all you ladies mean when you say you feel free without those damn drains. Lol. I do have a question for my RS friends. When I went to change out my gauze and bandages, I noticed on my incision my gauze was stuck to it and had kinda gotten pulled off from it leaving a little spot on my incision oozing. The nurse assured me that it's normal and can happen, but has any of that happened to any of you ladies and if so how did you take care of it and did it heal without infection????? I'm super curious so please ladies let me know so I can have some peace of mind. My surgeon isn't in the same state as me so I rely on other Women's experiences and opinions on here :) Thanks so much. Hope all you ladies are healing beautifully!!

First Look!!!

So today is the 9th day since my surgery and honestly I haven't really looked at my tummy. I was extremely bloated and swollen afterwards and what I saw only depressed me because I couldn't see results right away. I decided yesterday to ice my tummy all day tucking it under my yoga pants and shirt and pretty much just wearing the ice pack all day, and holy moley has it helped. While changing my clothes I decided to take a peek at the results and surely, but slowly my swelling is going down. I am feeling really good every that goes by, but am trying to take it easy still in fear of getting seroma. It's hard not to want to be more active when your feeling good, but I know it's for the best. I'm super paranoid of getting dog ears. Is there any way to prevent getting those by the way????? Hope your all healing well :)


Well as usual I'm starting to feel normal. I have been getting pains every time I walk on my right side. It's kinda weird. I don't feel it as much though when I take my CG off. Any ideas ladies???? Also my 10 year old had his first baseball game yesterday and I was sad cause I missed it. They lost by 2 points, not too bad. My 5 year old had his first practice for baseball and I missed that too. It was a bit of a rough day being since I feel so limited on what I can do. Kind of a bummer. I'm super paranoid of getting seroma so I'm really trying to take it easy. Any advice on that ladies on how to prevent that???? My husband was a bit of a nervous wreck this morning. All I could do was laugh. He has been balancing my mother duties so he was trying to get the boys ready for school and himself. You could tell he was gonna have a heart attack. I reminded him that that's what I do everyday plus more. Lol. Now he finally has gotten a taste of how much us mothers do. Lol Men get it so easy sometimes at least I think. Well I decided to peek at my belly again today. I feel like every day the swelling gets a little better. It's a slow progress but improvement. Thank the good lord above. So far I am liking the results as I can see the difference from before and after. I probably won't have a good idea for about another 2 weeks or so. Amazing when you take your CG off how unsupported you feel. I wear my 24hrs and I feel like it has helped tremendously. Also icing daily has worked a ton. I really recommend it for all you swollen ladies. It really does help. Well hope all you ladies are healing beautifully as I've seen so many are. Good luck :)


Man oh Man did I forget what it felt like to shower. Today was the first day in 12 days that I actually showered!!!! Don't get me wrong I sponged cleaned myself and used baby wipes to keep up on the order, lol, but I had not showered since the day before surgery. I had been extremely paranoid of infection and my PS had told me I couldn't till my drains were out. I did wait a couple extra days to let my incision heal and the holes from my drains, glad I did. I also got another glimpse at my new belly button and my tummy. Talk about swollen. Holy crap!!!! I'm bruised like crazy too. Did any of you ladies experience hardcore bruising???????????? It literally looks like I had a bat taken to my tummy. WOW! I think I see a little improvement, but sometimes it's so hard to tell. What do you ladies think??????? I got to sit outside today on my patio. It was beautiful this morning. Sun was shining nice and bright. I love it. I drank my coffee outside and put my feet up. Almost forgot what it was like to step out of the house. Lol. Today I'm going to try and do some cleaning. Not really sure on how much I can do, and definitely don't want to over do it. Also I'm gonna give my little guy a hair cut. He's been a bit on the straggly side. I think it's time for my mom duties to start up again. I don't mind, I actually miss it. My older boy has a game today, still couldn't go :( I'm thinking next week I will be more mobile and won't have to walk like a gimpy anymore. I had to go down to my college yesterday unexpectedly and use the library there since I'm taking online classes this quarter and my stupid computer wouldn't pull the info I need up. Garr. It was a little embarrassing. People were looking at me walking and at my hunch cause I can't quite stand up straight. To throw them off, I grabbed my back and pretended I had back problems. Lol. I think they were convinced. Also a 5 minute walk to the library took me 20 minutes. Damn it took a lot out of me. I'm hoping next week I will be up and moving better. I feel pretty good though. Not much pain, just get restless at night now. Out of 60 Percocet pills given to me from the doctor, I only took about 8!! I was fond of taking much because I couldn't tell if my body was healing well. That's just me though. Anyways ladies, hope you all have an amazing day, and good luck on your journey :-)


Hmmm where to start? Yesterday was a good day, we had family over and barbequed. It was beautiful outside as well so that was nice. Every morning that I wake up my swelling goes down, but I have noticed on my left side it has a bit of a budge and is harder. Is that normal? Has anyone ever had that? It doesn't feel watery so I'm sure it's not fluid build up but it is hard and my tummy is full of crazy bruising. I have tried to compare my tummy to many other ladies on here, but haven't seen anything similar really? I am hoping it goes away cause I'm not fond of it :( On a good note, I get to attend my son's baseball game tonight. Super excited since I have missed so many. I'm also standing pretty much straight just slightly bent which I hate. I have been extremely restless at night. It's so weird. I can't sleep for the life of me. The first week I slept great, the second not so great. I think my body is getting tired of laying on it's back. I catch myself wanting to sleep on my side. That's how I usually sleep. Can't wait for that day. Also I am finally driving. I feel stiff though and looking in my blind spot and backing up is so hard. I feel like a person with a neck brace on. Lol. I am hoping that will ease up soon. Hahaha. Anyways ladies............ Happy healing!!

3 Weeks and Counting.....

Well today is my 3 week mark since my surgery. For the most part I am feeling pretty good. I am starting to get more active and finally showering on a consistent basis. I was really Leary of showering in the beginning due to infection. I'm past that now though. Lol. My life has been school school and being a mom. Amazing how crippled you feel when you can't do your daily activities. My doctor says I have to wait 8 weeks before working out. Kind of a bummer, but he wants to be extra sure that my muscle repair is healed before taking on that activity. I guess I don't blame him since he states away. I have noticed that I have a budge on my left side. My right side is healing great but my left looks a bit different. I am going in tomorrow morning to get a ultra sound to make sure there is no fluid under my tissue. I'm praying that isn't the case. My PS said that if there is and it goes untaken care of then it can create a cyst and then they will have to remove it. I guess it's better to be safe then sorry. I swear my body hates me and is taking forever to heal and for the swelling to go down. Quite honestly I'm over the procedure and want to be at the look I want. It gets hard being patient for sure. Anyways I hope all you ladies are healing beautifully.

Why me???

Ugh..... Where do I start. Well today hasn't been the best of days. I went in for my ultrasound. Long behold the radiologist told me I have a moderate case of hematoma. Great! Just what I need to be dealing with. All I want is to recover from this surgery. I swear my body hates me right now. It's kind of depressing really. So anyways I have to wait 2-3 weeks for this gel like blood to form into a liquid then go back and have another ultrasound. I guess the radiologist specialist will be able to asperate then and there, so that's a plus cause my surgeon is 2 states away. All I want is to enjoy my flat tummy and get a feel for what my body is going to look like. It's super disappointing :(

Finally seeing some improvement

The Waiting Game....

Well not much has changed since I wrote last time. I still have hematoma and I'm just waiting for it to liquefy so it can be drained. Being since my surgeon is states away I got lucky and the radiologist in my town is willing to aspirate it for me. So that is definitely nice. I'm feeling pretty normal right now. I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow and I can stand up straight without no hunch. I still haven't been sleeping very well being since I'm so used to sleeping on my side and I'm still laying on my back. Most nights I can be very miserable. Sometimes I do catch myself laying on my side but in the morning when I wake up I usually hurt. I've been able to do most of my normal activities but I'm still having to take it easy when it comes to a lot of different things. As of right now I'm told to take it easy still and I have to wear my CG for another 4 weeks. This alone sucks!!! I am wanting to just be without it and wear normal clothes already. I don't understand why the hematoma I have is taking freaking forever to turn into liquid. It will be so nice when it's out. On a good note my husband got a new position as a GM so that's pretty awesome. I've been a busy bee by taking my boys to baseball practices and games and working on school homework for myself. My yard is in shambles and it's driving me crazy not being able to do spring cleaning on it. Lol. I need to get out there and plant some flowers and pull some weeds. I think if I did it right now it would be too much stress on my body. So I'm gonna wait a little longer. Anyways hope everyone is healing beautiful. TTYS my RS friends :-)


Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I've updated, life has been a little crazy! I have been wrapped up in my boy's baseball games, practices and school. Whew! Seriously feel like super mom!! Lol. I'm going into see the radiologist tomorrow to do another ultrasound and possibly have fluid aspirated from my tummy which I am so excited for. I think once this stupid fluid is taken out of me, I can finally start feeling normal. Kinda nervous. It's a pretty penny to get it done as well. I wanted to vomit when I heard the price :( but I'm at a loss of what to do. Anyways I'm healing great besides that. My surgeon has been attentive and on top of things even while being states away. It sure feels good to have the people in his office and him show their care for their patients. So all of this definitely makes it worth it. I haven't applied any scar treatments yet. I was told by my ps to wait at least & weeks so I got 3 more to go. My scar looks amazing and I think it will fade beautifully so that's a plus! I also started back on my diet. Not that I need it, but a healthy lifestyle is way better than an unhealthy one. Lol. I can't wait till I can work out. I'm excited to see what my stomach will look like with a six pack or four. Haha. I've done about a trillion sit-ups/ crunches in my lifetime and NEVER saw results. So this will be a first. Oh and did I mention..... My swelling has finally subsided! Yay. It seemed like it took FOREVER! By all means it's not gone, but it's made a massive improvement! I also am wearing my compression garment 24/7. I don't plan on going without it for about another 3 weeks. I feel like it's worked wonders! Anyways hope you all are healing well :-)

Forgot to post this!

Some more pictures taken this week :)

My belly button!!!!

So today I did my usual inspection of my body. I wanted to look at my progress being since I've been wearing this stupid CG for 6 weeks and counting. I noticed something that kinda upset me. My belly button looks like it's shrinking!!! Seriously beyond bummed being since my surgeon is in Utah and I'm in Washington. Although my surgeon did a phenomenal job, I can't help regret that I chose someone so far away. I have unexpected issue after issue it has seemed like. Go figure I choose a surgeon out of state and I have all these problems. It's highly unusual for me too cause I've always recovered well from my previous surgeries. I honestly am so sad and hate that I might have to come up with more money to go see my PS. It's quite the pretty penny of either flying or driving with hotel. I'm screwed no matter what. Had this happened to any of you ladies. Advice please cause I'm freaked out :(

Holy, wrinkly belly button!

Well as of right it's been 6 weeks since I had my surgery. I'm not gonna lie, it was a rough recovery, but now I am feeling good. I got my hematoma checked out a week ago and surprisingly it went from 18 cm to 8 cm in a 2 week period. Doctor was shocked and said I don't need to be aspirated cause it's resolving on it's own. Quite honestly, I'm cool with that lol. Yesterday I went outside and wtf?? Not only was I having issues with my damn BB shrinking, but now that my swelling is starting to go down there is wrinkly skin around my BB. It's not a lot but it's there. I'm kind of bummed about it and sent pictures to my doctor and he said it was impossible for him to remove all my stretch marks. I guess that's what the wrinkly skin was. Damn it! I must admit my stomach looks 10 times better but I could totally live without the stretch marks. It's not my doctors fault by all means, it's my body. Lol. I swear my body hates me lately. Anyways on a good note, I started using bio oil for scar treatment and was given the ok to stop wearing my CG. That is such a huge relief cause I was really limited on what I could wear that damn CG. Plus it's been 90 degrees where I live and having that thing on with clothes on as well was a sweaty nightmare. Now without my CG I feel naked and like I'm going to fall apart. It's definitely going to take some getting used to. Well that is about all that's been going on with me ladies. Hope all you beautiful woman are healing beautifully :)

Still SWELLING in my lower abdomen!

Hey RS ladies. Hope all you women are doing great :) well I'm almost at 7 weeks and for the most part I'm feeling great. I'm still swelling on my lower abdomen and it's still really firm. I'm curious to what it's going to look like once it goes away. I just started using Bio oil for my scar a few days ago. I rub it on at least twice a day. It seems to be helping some, so that's a plus. I guess now is just the waiting game for my hematoma to fully be resolved and the swelling to subside. I'm anxious cause I would like to start jogging and exercising again. I think I'll ask my Dr. What he thinks after I hit the 8 week mark. I'm also considering on getting my boobs done next year. I swear they are extremely deflated. I wanted to get them done with my TT, but just couldn't afford it. That's ok though. This process alone was enough to Handel. Lol. Anyways not too much has changed. Just trying to heal and everyday gets a little better. Hope everyone is doing wonderful.

Enjoying life!

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been on here much lately, life has been crazy. My boys and my husband have been keeping me busy. Lol. So far I'm really happy with my results. All the issues I was having before are disappearing except some swelling in my lower abdomen. That kind of sucks but that's the least of my worries. I finally got the ok to start all of my exercises except crunches. I have to wait another month for that. So I started doing my push-ups, squats, lunges and even jogging. The first day I was so excited I over did it. My whole body was hurting so I recommend taking it easy the first week of starting exercises back up. Lol. Trying to get back into healthy eating again but that has been a struggle!!! I forgot how much I love resteraunts and fast food. Bahahaha. Anyways started on my green shakes and I'm limiting all those yummy things we all love. Also all meds such as birth control and ibuprofen I got the go on. So that's a nice relief. The only thing I can really complain about is the minimal swelling and my scar. It's quite red and I use bio oil several times a day, but it's not working that well. I think I'm going to switch product but would like to find something affordable. So if any of you ladies no of anything, I'm up for suggestions. Anyways hope everyone is doing well :)

Not really sure........

So for the most part I'm super happy with my results. I have read several reviews on here that sometimes we tend to have higher expectations or maybe even unrealistic ones. I think we are all so used to having tummy's that make us unhappy and so when having a tummy tuck we want to have the best tummy ever. I know my Dr did the best he could with what he had to work with and maybe I'm just picking myself apart, but I really wish all of my stretch marks would have gotten removed. I feel that now that my swelling is starting to dissipate, my tummy has a little more stretch marks then expected around my BB. I really don't want a revision and probably can't afford one anytime soon. Do you ladies think crunches will help this problem and is anyone feeling the same? I would really like advice and opinions:) Other than that I have been given the go on all exercises, including crunches, swimming ect. So I have been working my butt off to get in shape again. Hope everyone is healing well and good luck to those who are about to look fabulous with their new tummy's.

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Why oh Why does swelling hate me?

Why oh why does swelling hate me? Just when I though I was at the peak of defeat with the swelling, it decides it wants to come back and haunt me!! I feel like I am becoming more swollen. Is this normal? Is anybody else going through this at almost 3 months? I need some advice please. I am starting to get worried. I know it takes time to pass, but I have been reading that at almost 3 months your swelling should be settled down quite a bit. Ugh. I feel super fat, and huge. I hate it and I'm super bummed over it. Please, I need advice ladies.

Tummy relief...

So as soon as I was complaining, shortly after my swelling went down. I went from being extremely swollen to semi swollen. Huge difference! I am finally at ease with it. Also, my belly button is doing much better! With bairly being able to put a curio inside, I can now put my middle finger inside. The ear plug trick worked tremendously and I've been doing it consistently for a month now. I now don't even have it in during the day, only at night. Here on some of things that I can now do.......

-Sit-ups and crunches slowly with little pain
- push-ups
- jogging and walking for long
periods with little swelling
-I can resume all medications
-lower abdomen swelling has finally subsided tremendously
-stretches definitely help before working out especially with your tummy muscles
-using bio oil and silicon strips daily and messaging my belly button scar with it daily as well

2 years later!

It's been awhile since I have been on here and I figured I would update all of you with my official outcome. I am 100% satisfied that I did my tummy tuck and have regained my confidence back. I feel good and feel comfortable in my own skin again. Dr. Ralston and his staff were amazing and I'll definitely be looking into my breast augmentation with them :)
Dr. Stephen Ralston

The staff and my doctor alone were extremely amazing. All of my questions were answered and he spent a long time with me trying to make sure I understood everything. He even gave me his personal cell number to reach him on the weekends when the office was closed in case I had any medical issues or questions. Dr. Ralston and his staff made me feel at home and were very attentive to my needs and took extra care of me, making sure I was comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Ralston. I had already heard of a good report through several family and friends who have traveled to see him, but now with my experience, he is definitely an amazing doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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