27yrs - Oak Brook, IL

Asymmetrical labia minora.. Would pull during...

Asymmetrical labia minora.. Would pull during sports, completed Sx for medical reasons. Wanted it evened out and shortened. Had trim labiaplasty done- said that was only technique he used now. I liked the shape of my labia before. But the length was bothering me. Seen how much he took off nearly fainted. The pain from the procedure only for about a day. Tissue healed quickly but poorly. My labia now is non- existent what's there is a scar that looks like chewed up bubble gum. Don't know where I should go for revision or if there is hope. Wasted a lot of money and time.

Just wants your money. Office would call multiple times a day to get you to set up a Sx appt. Does not listen to your concerns. Completely cut off labia minora. Healing unnaturally. Looks worse now than pre op.

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