Getting Saline Implants in 4 Days - Odessa, TX

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Ok I am 41 yrs old and have wanted implants my...

Ok I am 41 yrs old and have wanted implants my whole life. I have been saving for the last year-and-a-half. My surgery is scheduled for the 10th which is in 4 days and I'm so excited and so nervous at the same time I just don't want anything to go wrong.
Dr. Sylvan Bartlett is the doctor performing my surgery and unfortunately I haven't been able to find too many reviews.
I thought silicon was better than Saline but he convinced me otherwise which I really hope it's true. He will be putting implants under both muscles.
I am a small a cup now and I'm having 350 cc's in one side and 380 cc's of the other.
Any input advice or suggestions would be very helpful.
And by the small chance that anybody has heard of dr. Sylvan Bartlett and give me any information at all would be extremely helpful
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