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You can never be ready enough for the recovery...

You can never be ready enough for the recovery period and never truly know what to expect. The surgery was fantastic my early recoup period was not. Just couldn't get the right pain med combo that was effective that my body was able to tolerate. I'd never been on pain meds before so really couldn't say what I could and couldn't take. My issue was keeping the meds down. This made for what might have been a tolerable experience turn into an absolute miserable experience. I gave up on trying out all different pain meds and settled for tylenol. It just couldn't compete with that kind of pain. I couldn't take pleasure in the absolutely wonderful job my PS did. He did exactly what we discussed and outside normal swelling my tummy was flat as a board and my breasts were exactly how I had wanted them. Effectual pain meds, lots of sleep and someone around the clock to help you for the first week is an absolute must and will I'm sure will make a world of difference. Iim glad I was strong going into surgery as I pretty physically fit. Strong legs and back prior to surgery is a real plus during the recovery period. Now at 4 weeks post op I have turned another corner and can say I am happy I proceeded forward with the surgery. I hope it only gets better and better.

Week 6-7 is a turning point. You really start to...

Week 6-7 is a turning point. You really start to feel better and almost normal again. Still tightness and swollen but able to move about with ease and resume most regular daily activities.
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