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I've been reading everyone's stories for the past...

I've been reading everyone's stories for the past year and I'm ready to share mine. My surgery is scheduled for June 30 with Dr. Nijher in Ocala @Ocala Plastic Surgery. I was originally going to have a mommy makeover but I thought at my age (55) to do both the surgeries at once would be too much . So I'm going to do them one at a time. I will post before photos and during and after photos as best I can. I'm not really sure if I'm posting correctly so I thought I would start learning how to do so now. Help me out my beautiful sisters that are also on this journey. I have been reading and learning from your experiences for over a year and I thank every one of you for giving me the courage to finally take the steps I have wanted to for the last 9 years! I went through a divorce 12 years ago and (ugh) ate my way up to 211 through excessive overeating and no exercise. Bad idea. For the last several years I have been slowly cutting back calories, losing the "hate weight" by working out with a personal trainer at GHFC. And I am down to 131, still about 15 pounds above my predivorce weight. But I told myself 130 pounds was when I was going to do this and I'm ready now. I've taken my life back just in time, my youngest daughter graduates from high school next year! Can't wait, want to look great at her graduation. So, let's goooooo! Will post my saggy baggy before tummy pics tomorrow.

One month before surgery!

Took my first tummy pics today. Sorry they're turned sideways, they were upright when I took them.


Drove to Ocala and had blood drawn and urinalysis. Did a MRSA test which was like a DNA swab but you swab the inside of both nostrils, yuck! Cost: $124.89 & had to pay by check, credit card not accepted. Also, had EKG done. Cost: $37. Also, wrote check for $6,000. Only $804.25 due on Wed at preop appt. Must be paid with debit card or cashier check.

Labs redone

Got A call from alliance labs yesterday. They didn't pick my labs up Tuesday night and so they're driving up to Gainesville to my home to redo the labs. Draw blood etc. Are refunding my lab fees. Having furniture delivered today, very inconvenient!! ????

Tax course

Yeah, I just realized that the Monday following my tummy tuck is July 4th!!! I'm cancelling class due to the holiday (and not because I will be 4 days out of surgery). Holiday is a godsend...???? I'm so looking forward to getting this surgery done. Does anybody know how long I will have to wait before I can schedule a breast lift with implants? 5-6 mos (or less?)

Preop visit 2 weeks ago & Night before surgery

Ok, well I have been crazy busy these last two weeks. Let me update on the preop visit first. Went down to Ocala and I left absolutely dizzy with information. Really technical and utterly gruesome. Emptying drains, measuring contents and recording. Then: how to remove a foley catheter. Honestly I was sick to my stomach when the nurse finished with all of the details. Went and filled my prescriptions. Antibiotics, pain med, anxiety med for night before and scopalomine patch to fight nausea put behind ear the night before. Took laxative 1 day prior as instructed. Ate lightly today and bought "bread products" to eat over the next few days to help my stomach with the medications after the surgery. I have my "bed area" arranged. It's a couch that lifts me up and reclines me. Been really nervous, sleeping badly, eating badly. Want this OVER! Now I am wishing I was doing both procedures so I would be finished. Instead, I just will have the "worst one" finished, the TT and be back in late fall for the BA/BL. Wonderful, I am definitely not looking forward to this again. :( No new pics. I am 132 delightfully tiny pounds! I want to see my tummy bulge gone forever tomorrow - yeah!! That I am looking forward to. In 12 hours this will be behind me. I can do this. See you all on the other (flatter) side! Happy 4th of July weekend!

Day of surgery 6/30

Surgery was 6/30 at 11:30. Wore my nightgown and a jacket over it and that's what they want me to wear home, too. Am groggy from the scopalamine patch and the xanax last night. After the surgery, I woke up in recovery and was put in my car wearing a binder. Hard to get in the car and we have a 45 minute drive. I am drowsy. Oh God, got home and I can't sit on the couch, it reclines too fast. I can't sit in my bed and the thought of getting in and out of my recliner is agony. Called the doctor in a panic. He told me I had to get in the recliner. It is sooooooo painful to move! I am taking Oxycontin and it kills the pain until it wears off, like when I fall asleep and wake up. Got nauseaous and went to take the Phengran suppository but like an idiot I hadn't gotten it filled and there are NO pharmacies open in Gainesville at 11pm on Thursday night. Fill ALL of your meds whether you think you will use them or not. I was really nauseous and needed this and could not get it filled. Throwing up would have been disastrous. Ok, with great difficulty Terry got me into the recliner. He is taking 5 days off to stay at home and take care of me. Give me meds, empty my drains. I am eating dry toast cut in strips because I have no appetite but must have something in my stomach when I take the antibiotic and Oxy pain med. PAIN PAIN PAIN. Couldn't fall asleep until 4:30am and woke up at 7am. Am groggy but can't fall asleep. Pics today when I take my first shower.

7/1 Day 1 after surgery 1st shower OUCH

The highlight of today was taking a shower. I had a lawn chair that I put in my shower. I had to take my binder off. That hurts since it provides support and without it, you ache immediately. Anyway, I had to lean forward since I can't stand up. So, I am leaning forward in this chair and I am ready to SCREAM I am in so much pain. I am huffing and puffing like when I was pregnant trying to breath through the pain. It was the worst thing but it felt good being "clean". I am getting used to this bag (like a little crossbody bag) hanging around my neck. I put my drain in it and also the pain pump. I feel sore. I try to only take 1 or 1.5 of the Oxy instead of 2 because I am not a pill person. It takes Terry operating the shower, holding the shampoo and showerhead, helping me in and out of shower. DON't try this alone. Ok, here are day 1 pics.

Day 4 was a milestone

I finally slept 6.5 hrs and I felt wonderful. I have only been able to sleep about 2-3 hours a night because I am so uncomfortable. I weighed and I have only gained 3 pounds although I am very swollen and bruised. I have photos and am waiting to get help from the community mgr to upload them. I had lipo done on my flanks, (is that my lower back?) and also on my buttocks. My vaginal area is purple and super swollen. No, I didn't have any work there but it sure feels like something was done - ouch very tender area. I started itching today, I think it is just in the areas that were lipo'd. Am very tired but force myself to get up and walk every hour on the hour. To the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the living room. Don't want to but know it will help me heal. I can't bend over so I have everything in the fridge on the top shelf. Am drinking water like a camel. Pain is awful and almost out of pain meds, very scary when the nurse said to switch to Advil. REALLY??? I think that is going to be rough but no choice in two days...

Day 6

My appt was rescheduled to day 12. That's fine because I live 45 minutes away and I am living off of ADVIL now. Is the doctor insane? I am about to lose my mind I hurt so bad. Well, I take my two ADVIL now that the OXY is gone and I seem to be taking lots of 4 hr afternoon naps. I had my first bowel movement and that was pleasant. No pain, just relieved was wondering what was the delay. I had been told to take a laxative two days before surgery so I would be empty. I was empty. Then I ate toast for several days and so its no wonder I didn't have to go until day 6. I had taken a Dulcolax pill on Day 2 after surgery and Miralax 1 tsp in a glass of gatorade on Day 5 and well everything was fine, no discomfort at all. I have forced myself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can't eat much but I am eating healthy. I need to eat to heal. More pics, will upload once they show me HOW to do so.

Day 12

Went to see Dr. Nijher. The pain pump was removed. The drain will be left in until next Tuesday. That will be 19 days but I am still draining and I would rather have it in longer then swell up. I swell up every night something awful. I finally removed the steristrip and my incision is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is a little lumpy on the end but they said it will "lay flat" once the sutures dissolve. It is very think and pretty in the front and nice and low. DR. NIJHER ROCKS!!!! He gave me an hourglass figure! He removed the gross appendectomy scar I have had since I was a kid. My c-section and hysterectomy scars are all GONE!!! Woohoo, I measured and SWOLLEN I have a 27inch waist. I expect it will be about 25 inches when the swelling goes down. It was 31-32 inches before surgery. I put my 8P pants on with my binder and they were loose. Yeah, I am definitely a 6P!!! Now, I can't wait to get my BA and BL once I am healed. These folks are wonderful at Ocala Plastic Surgery. I called 3 times, (because I am a worry wart) and they called me back promptly (and NICELY) each time and it gave me a great deal of peace of mind. If you are in the Gainesville, Ocala or even Orlando area, please be sure to check these folks out. They really take excellent care of you! More to follow. I apologize for the photos not uploading. I have them and once they show me how I will upload them ALL.

6/30 pics

Sorry this is such a mess. I can upload photos on my Mac but not the PC it seems, must be a setting of some sort. Like I feel like figuring out that now!

Day 1 after surgery

Took these after my shower. PURE AGONY!

Day 19

Went in and had my drain removed, it had cloudy stuff in it that it hadn't had in the previous days.
Thankfully, it was out even though I was still putting out 40 ml of fluid and the drain is supposed to stay in until 20-25 ml. I have been exhausted and in pain for the last two weeks taking ADVIL. On this visit I told the doctor I needed some pain relief and he wrote a script. This was fortunate because I swelled up like I was pregnant since the drain was removed but my body was still producing about 40 ml of "output" which now had nowhere to go. It hurt so bad being so swollen. Finally, after 5 days of my binder being on so tight that I bruised my ribs, yes black and blue. The swelling in my lower abdomen went down. But he had said he would still need to draw fluid with a big needle from my abdomen on the next visit. I went to that visit and yes, he stuck me in multiple places in the top of my abdomen and drew out fluid. GROSS. But the good news was that even though I was really still swollen in my lower abdomen, I didn't have any fluid there! YEAH. I couldn't feel him stabbing me with the needle because I guess I am numb in the places he stuck me and I only felt pressure, no pain which was surprising. Now, to fight the fluid building up in the top of my chest and because I have gotten thinner by a few pounds, I have a rolled hand towel from the top of the binder to the belly button to add additional pressure down my breast bone to belly button. I think it is helping because I seem to hurt a lot less, probably due to fluid not collecting. I can almost stand up straight. Yeah! I have been able to sit in the tub, not in a chair for over a week and that is heaven. I can sleep in bed propped up and stretch my legs out and can even lean a little to the side for a few minutes. I have a GORGEOUS scar. It is perfect for my thong undies and if I ever wear a bikini which I havent' in 20 years, I will be able to do so! The lipo swelling and bruising is gone, although I am still numb on my top right side of my thigh where I was lipo'd. But my legs look a million times better and no back fat that was lipo'd off. Dr Nijher and his staff are all warm and compassionate. The kind of attitude you need when you feel in a lot of pain and are in no mood for any nonsense. Very professional and organized practice. I LOVE OCALA PLASTIC SURGERY. DR NIJHER ROCKS! I am going to try to upload photos from my phone, although I am posting this on my computer. My Windows computer is blocking me uploading the photos. (Probably because I am partially undressed or something, who knows?) I guess it's a security setting. I think I can upload on the MAC computer though but am going to try the phone, so I dont have to email the pics to the MAC and then upload. Very tired.
Ocala Plastic Surgeon

I really liked Dr. Nijher from the start. I had carefully researched his medical credentials and certifications and his are the BEST in the Northcentral Florida area. His staff has been courteous and helpful, as well as timely in responding to my calls and emails. I loved the aquariums in the lobby of their office, beautiful and calming.

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