Obagi Blue Peel for Italian/olive Skin Tone

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I am Italian with olive skin tone, capable of...

I am Italian with olive skin tone, capable of getting a deep tan so I know my skin is versatile. I have read about peels on lighter skin tones and differing results with them. I had an Obagi blue peel two months ago in my doctor’s office. The literature from Obagi said this was better than at-home kits, more professional, better results. I had some dark spots and also wanted to reduce fine lines around my eyes - what you usually expect from any peel. The peel was pretty easy, I admit. It was nice being in my doctor’s hands and not needing to worry about mixtures of this or egg timers or this and that. I left with a bag full of Obagi products (surprise!), Obagi sunscreen, Obagi Nu-Derm, and instructions on what to do. Obagi, Obagi, Obagi...! Good salesmanship, I realized later (I think my doctor even gets a cut of it). In a few days I started peeling in spots but not evenly. I had stubborn areas, under my eyes especially, that turned dark but wouldn’t peel. I waited for a week but it never happened so I phoned my doctor. He prescribed a combination of creams to apply to soften the skin and make it peel. No dice. I never did peel parts of my face and I have blotchiness under my eyes and on my cheekbones... not what I had in mind at all. Obviously at this juncture I know this is not correctable, at least not unless I go for another peel or use another system. It’s horrifying the way I look now... worse than when I started, when I had some blotchiness but not this dark. On top of that, the areas I needed to peel for fine lines never did peel, so Obagi’s system did nothing for those either. I feel as if I was sold a bunch of products but there is nothing behind them. I received no guarantee, nothing, only promises that this was better than at-home kits I see everyone else using successfully.
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