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Accutane is my miracle drug. I was a little...

Accutane is my miracle drug. I was a little intimidated at first, reading all the mixed reviews about the drug and it's many possible side effects. I am 27 years old and tried every other possible option you can imagine. You name it, I have tried it. My skin was not that bad to start, but always had acne since I was 12-13 years old and my face was getting all scared up. I finally decided that enough was enough and tried Accutane. I am taking the 40 mg capsules. My dermatologist wants me to be on it for 6 months. I have one month left and acne will be a thing of the past for me. I can say today that Accutane was the best thing that happened to me. Your acne may get a little worst before it gets better but the results are absolutely fantastic!!! I had friends, family members and co-workers(not knowing I was taking accutane) telling me how good my skin looks and asking what have I done! That never happened to me in my life! My skin is nice, smooth, pimple free and the poors are visibly gone.

As for the side effects, the worst side effect to me is the dry lips. I have tried every single lip balms and chap sticks at my local drug store and nothing really works. The best option for your dry lips is to use vaseline(petroleum jelly) on it. This is what my dermatologist had recommended. I was refusing to at first, since vaseline is nasty to me, I hate vaseline, but believe me, it works! Vaseline is the only thing that can keep my lips moist and not all cracked up and peeling. I now carry tubes of petroleum jelly in my purse, my car, underneath my pillowcase... It's my lifesafer. lol. I have experienced dry eyes, dry nose.... Very sensitive skin, but all is managable. The dry lips to me is really my most ennoying side effect.

I would absolutely recommend Accutane without any hesitations! I am so grateful such a product is on the market! If I had to re-start the Accutane treatment today, I would do it all over again without any hesitations!

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