39 & Looking 28 - New Lease on Life. Oak Lawn, IL

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Words really can't describe the happiness Dr. Shah...

Words really can't describe the happiness Dr. Shah & his staff did for me so I include a pic below. Dr. Shah's work is so natural & flawless looking it exceeded my expectations. The staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and all your needs & questions are met! I recommended to my friends and family


This was my before pic - see the downward pulling in my face -

For the ignorant people who are insecure

My review isn't fake photos are reals im sorry if your fat transfer didn't come out

Scary before

No make up end of bruising

How long last

3 years some people it can last up to 5 but depends on how the fat took can last longer

Pic of me at 24

I shared these pics because it's hard to find a good doc, I did my homewk & had patience even though I couldn't wait for surgery and wanted to do it ASAP I waited for the right doc. Finding a doc whos honest to tell Hey that may not work (the pics of movie stars I wanted to look like ) But using a pic of me when i was in my 20s. My sister went under a 3 weeks ago and looking great as well

Not a fake review

Go into the office im a real person and real surgery and real photos

Me yestday no foundation

Additional photos

Brusing from surgery healing

Terrific doctor

Whatever - for those who want a great doctor again dr shah is Terrific and go see him - I don't have to falsify pictures swelling is down im happy -

More pictures

Thank u

johnny3333 - thank u for being very sweet

Face feels fuller


Tried a different makeup today with newer face :)


What I had done

In the pic I have up there sorta shows where doc inserted fat i didn't do botox with it. Pretty much I had fat injected Under & between eyes, cheekbones, frown lines, dent in my forehead and little under chin near there & the lips - I had lipo sculpting on my body so it was an all in one price so don't have the break down for what it costed

Friday 1/22/16

Before fat trans with make up

I don't know if this helps but before with make up side by side on right after surgery

Before surgery if help

Left side with make up before surgery right after

Pic before surgery with make up

Sorry realself photo had trouble uploading left is before and right after

Different angle no make except mascara lipliner

Thurs no foundation or blush just macara and lipliner

I know sometime angle of the camera not mouth closed too U see how more rounded

Where I took fat from

Took fat from sides, stomach (upper & lower), inner upper thighs and back - before and after left in tan was before right is after plus with suit on

Some after surgery pics if helps

Few days after surgery



I have a stronger muscle in one eyebrow and dimples on one side face still feels tingly here and there

Additional pic

Additional pic

No make up no eyemake up hair up can see full face


Fri 2/26

Beside my face I had fat put in the buttock

This is my buttock im sorry don't have a pic standing up didn't think to take one before surgery basically I had a pancake flat butt no curve from back to the butt This is what I did in 11/30/15 when I did my face

Upper thigh lift done 5/2/16

So I lost so much weight after so had a lot of skin upper inner thigh

After pic sorry site having trouble posting take 5/4

This after upper inner thigh lift

Left over mascara no make 4 days after surgery

Upper thigh lift going good the fat transfer in face still staying from 11/30 and 40 pounds light from 11/30

Inner upper Thigh lift 13days later

This is 13 days later - I left the compression suit off last 3 days i needed a break

Thigh lift cut

This is 5 days after i only can clean it w/bactin spray i use instead of gel and was told can't put the scar gel on it until 3-4 weeks later - when he did the thigh lift I found it smaller my private area more flat when he pulled the skin

Today 5/24

Pic today love IT cc cosmectics gives a nice glows and not heavy

Site having trouble uploading photos hope these load

New IT cc cream love it lightweight and covers freckles

The fat in my butt and thigh lift

Pics now since I been doing the thigh master yes I lay on my side and use it Shockenly it works

Butt fat added now 9 months

Using thigh master on side

Old pics from 2014 and 2015 before surgery

Checks are still lifted I will keep looking for old before photos for those who asked i had a samsumg before so all photos on sd card still looking for them love the iphone and iCloud Easier now


Love it cosmectics cc cream and I did a glycolic peel got off ebay 40 percent strength 2 days ago it tighten skin makeup goes so nice pulled up dry skin from sunburned

No makeup

Might have dark circles from mascara all didn't come off didn't want to rub hard

Thigh lift

Here a pic from like 2 weeks ago I will add more later to show the scar healing

Did do lip injections resylene silk 3 weeks ago

See before after did do lip injections

Thigh lift scar from may4, 2015 surgery

Hi these are the new scar photos from the thigh lift it's between the underwear line and crease of ur thigh and the stretch marks from all the weight loss those don't go away with the thigh lift unless u cut that skin off too but not noticeable when standing and stretching ur leg


Selfies will post newer one

Found pics from after surgery

These are pics right after upto the 2 weeks of heeling there is one that's all together that was marking before fat trans and after and the series is day by day

More pics this nov 2016

It cosmetics cc cream i have make up on -I love it plus not expensive

More pics it's with makeup on

Just cc cream from it cosmetics

Another pic 2016 nov

It's with makeup on

Jan 2017 pic

New pics

Jan 2017 pics

New pics

Thigh lift

Recent pic this week 1/21

1/21thigh lift

Pic will post more show the scars

More thigh lift pics jan

More pics

Thigh lift

More Pics

Sat 1/21

No makeup


More pics dermalogic facial

More pics


No foundation skin bit oily from lysine and glycerin moisturizer

Thigh lift

1/26 pic of scar

Thigh lift pics 1/29

Pic scars - i didn't do the tattoo scar camouflage on the legs in about 6-9 months will

April 15

Love fruit Gardiner hair dye with matrix so silver shampoo I'm a medium brunette doesn't break ur hair off and no ash or brassy tones

Thigh lift scar

Scars healing & Fading so grateful
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shah cares about his patients- even personally called me when I got home after surgery. His work is beautiful !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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