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Googled around and seemed like Invisalign is the...

Googled around and seemed like Invisalign is the best product available for invisable aligers. I'm going with Invisalign over braces because it isn't as ugly, isn't as painful, doesn't require as many office visits, and is less likely to lead to tooth decay. There's a competitor "Clear Correct" but couldn't see any advantage there, apparently its a little cheaper but its hard to get prices without going into people's offices and they like to charge consultation fees. I'd guess its 15% cheaper so if you need to save $500 look into it.

The price can vary WILDLY.

$2,900 is the cheapest I've found so far but the dentist doesn't have great reviews on yelp so I may not go with him&her. Other prices are as high as $6,500. My gut is $4,000 is a fair price, and will depend on how long you need the treatment. You may also need additional work done that will affect the cost, such as extractions.

It seems like theres a lot of weird information out there about different offerings but from what I can tell there's only one Invisalign, and you have to do tops & bottoms. You can possibly get "invisalign express" if your teeth are already pretty straight for about 60% of the normal cost but I've only seen this mentioned here and there.

General dentists can do invisalign but I think it'd be better to go with an orthodontist unless you have a line on a very good dentist. Be cautious and ask a lot of questions, see if you can get before & afters of former patients. Don't use anyone that hasn't done the procedure before.

The other good news is that many providers offer 0% financing, so if you want to get started now rather than waiting til you have the cash, you should be able to do it.

Oakland Green Dental (Hamid)

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