28 Years Old Considering Forehead Reduction and Browlift

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As many of you here I have considered this surgery...

As many of you here I have considered this surgery since I knew it existed. When I was 16 I wanted to do the hair transplant and I asked to my mother, but she thought I was crazy for doing this, my parents didn't have a lot of money and it was just a dream for me. When I was in the University, I started researshing about this procedure, but I didn't have money neither to travel nor to do the surgery. I know in my country (Spain) there're two or three good surgeons who have been trainned by Kabaker, but they don't have a lot of experience and I needed to be totally sure for doing this procedure. I was living 2 years thinking of this procedure like something I could never do in my life, I don't have a lot of money to travel and for doing any plastic surgery.

Two years ago, I had an offer to go to work in Texas, where I could get a better salary, and finally I was selected to go. I'm 28 years old, no kids and married, I came to Texas 2 years ago and I've been saving money to do this procedure, now I live closer to Oakland to have the surgery with Kabaker (as I have always wanted), so I have finally decided to do it. I feel now is the moment, my family is not here to tell me I am crazy for doing this. Only I know how important is this for me, athough I am scared about the hairloss as I have seen some patients here who had this problem. I need advices to encourage me a little bit more. I have the consulation this monday with Kabaker and I really look forward to talk with him.

I have two big corners (one more than the other) and cowlicks in the middle... I dont know if I could be a good candidate, I have flexibility in my scalp but I don't know if the corners are a problem for the hairloss, or my cowlicks will look unnutural... I am scared about this things. But I think anything will be better than my ugly forehead, OMG how I hate it!!

I am also considering the brow lift at the same time, I will ask to the dormctor this morning. Anybody here have done a forehead reduction+browlift at the same time?

Sorry for my english...

10 days for the surgery

So I finnally scheduled the day of my surgery for the November 23rd with Kabaker. The day after the surgery is thanksgiving, and Dr kabaker said he won't be there to visit me, but another college will.

I have already booked my fight ticket from Texas, and the hotel near the hospital. I will be spending the thanksgiving day in the room, with my bandage and giving thanks to myself for doing this lol.

I feel excited and scared at the same time. I cannot stop thinking about this!. I have never had a surgery, and I am doing this completly alone, nobody knows it.

Any advice will be highly apreciated!!!

Today is the day!

It's 7:10 and I am in the hotel in Oakland, ready to take an uber and ready for the surgery, I am not nervuos right now, I had a shower and just need to think in positive. I cannot believe in 5 hours it will be done... I'll keep you posted if I feel good this afternoon.

4 days post op

I'm gonna try to make the story short! It's difficult to remember the day of the surgey, I was extremly nervuos and the gave me some pills to feel good. Dr Kabaker and dr Butz were drawing my new hairline and I couldn't stop thinking on my family and and all the negative things that could happen lol! After the surgery I took an uber and went back to the hotel where I spent my afternoon throwing up (don't eat pizza after the surgery!) I didn't feel pain at all, but I felt horrible because of my stomach (side effects of the anestesia). I spent the night pretty good, and the the after I was able to take an uber to go to the hospital were Dr Butz qnd the nurse were there, they took my big bandage off and they gave me a mirror, I honestly was in shock, because of the swollen around my face and above the incision I didn't want to me muself in the mirror, I was happy because they went 2 cm lower and I knew the results were going to be good, but on that moment I couldn't express my hapiness.

I took the plane back to Texas the day after the surgery and everything okey.

Two days after I took a shower, and I washed my hair very gently with baby shampoo, it was still swollen, bit I really liked the results, Dr Kabaker has an amazing tecnique.

I am gonna take pictures now, and I am gonna update again.

Thank you all guys, without reading all your experiences I would never have done this.

4 days post op

Here is how is doing... It's a bit swollen than the average (this is what Kabaker said to me), it's the 4th day and I need to give it time. I was planning to go to work tomorrow but finally I'll take 2 personal days.

4 days post op

Here is how is doing... It's a bit swollen than the average (this is what Kabaker said to me), it's the 4th day and I need to give it time. I was planning to go to work tomorrow but finally I'll take 2 personal days.

Day 6 post op

Everyday I am getting happier !!! I really like my new hairline, it's very natural and I love seeing my face with my hair pulled back. Tomorrow I'll have my stiches out so I 'll update again. I am not taking anything but the pills for the swelling (my forehead is still a bit swollen). Should I take biotin or something for the hairloss? I haven't experienced any hairloss yet, but I am scared about what could happen. Also, the top of my head is totally numb and it's a weird sensation, but it's normal.

I did a partial browlift too, but I don't notice a lot... (My fault because I repeated many times I wanted only a little lifted) and that's what they did.

Dr Kabaker is amazing, he really does what you need depending on the shape of your face. He is an expert and I totally recomend him. Unfortunetly he retires soon...
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