28 Years Old Considering Forehead Reduction and Browlift

As many of you here I have considered this surgery...

As many of you here I have considered this surgery since I knew it existed. When I was 16 I wanted to do the hair transplant and I asked to my mother, but she thought I was crazy for doing this, my parents didn't have a lot of money and it was just a dream for me. When I was in the University, I started researshing about this procedure, but I didn't have money neither to travel nor to do the surgery. I know in my country (Spain) there're two or three good surgeons who have been trainned by Kabaker, but they don't have a lot of experience and I needed to be totally sure for doing this procedure. I was living 2 years thinking of this procedure like something I could never do in my life, I don't have a lot of money to travel and for doing any plastic surgery.

Two years ago, I had an offer to go to work in Texas, where I could get a better salary, and finally I was selected to go. I'm 28 years old, no kids and married, I came to Texas 2 years ago and I've been saving money to do this procedure, now I live closer to Oakland to have the surgery with Kabaker (as I have always wanted), so I have finally decided to do it. I feel now is the moment, my family is not here to tell me I am crazy for doing this. Only I know how important is this for me, athough I am scared about the hairloss as I have seen some patients here who had this problem. I need advices to encourage me a little bit more. I have the consulation this monday with Kabaker and I really look forward to talk with him.

I have two big corners (one more than the other) and cowlicks in the middle... I dont know if I could be a good candidate, I have flexibility in my scalp but I don't know if the corners are a problem for the hairloss, or my cowlicks will look unnutural... I am scared about this things. But I think anything will be better than my ugly forehead, OMG how I hate it!!

I am also considering the brow lift at the same time, I will ask to the dormctor this morning. Anybody here have done a forehead reduction+browlift at the same time?

Sorry for my english...
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