Heavy, Made Nl Folds and Jaw Drooping WORSE

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I had had HA filler placed in the past, but was...

I had had HA filler placed in the past, but was talked into Radiesse by a new, experienced, injector. She just did not follow the natural contour of my face, place product ever-so-slightly too medially and low. Even a few mm's off, this stuff is heavy (it's a mineral) and now I have more prominent nl folds, tear troughs and slight jowls on what was a firm jawline.

Do NOT let anyone put this stuff in your cheeks until they have sucessfully injected you with less long-acting (and dissolvable) fillers a few times first. You will be stuck with the look for the better part of a year.
And anyone who tells you it is ok for tear troughs or lips doesn't know what they are talking about - granulmas are a common complication in these areas.

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