Almost 4 Weeks - and Happy with Results - Oahu Island, HI

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Just tried to post and lost it :( so I will...

Just tried to post and lost it :( so I will abbreviate in case I lose this :(.
I was 38DDD and a D since 17. Gone as high as an H cup when nursing! I am 5'4-5" and 150lbs but been as high as 235. Yo yo dieting caused a loss in elasticity and nipples almost reached my belly button :(. Not cool at 43!

Surgery was 11/9. I almost fainted 3 times when I was in surgery prep - same thing when I had my c-section- my mom is the same - that has been the worse part of this whole process!

I am about 38-d 40-c now. Wish I was a little smaller I guess but I won't know true results for awhile 6-12 mos. I LOVE the shape of the breasts and nipple placement. Right is healing prettier than left ? Don't know why.

I recommend / learnings:
Reading this forum daily!
Exercise and be in good physical health before surgery
Get pain meds before surgery
Get old lady robes that zip down front - totally helped
Drains weren't as bad as I thought but I pulled at one accidentally and it hurt!
Take the meds! Get ibuprofen for after those run out
Benadryl helped with post itching from percocet and surgical tape
Used surgical pads with aquaphor under surgical bras for comfort
Get recliner for sleeping if us can for 1st week - it totally helped - Craig's list $75
If you can - daytime help for at least a week
Go slow with movement and expectations

Aloha ! Check back soon!

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