Overall, So Far So Good... Very Happy with my Doctor and Results - New York City, NY

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Hey, I live in Nyc and also lived the last 35 yrs...

Hey, I live in Nyc and also lived the last 35 yrs with a "BigNose" ..so an opportunity came up to have a Rhinoplasty procedure and i decided to go with it..I was tired of always trying to look totally straight in pictures cuz i was embarrased by my profile..I had a large hump/beak nose and a very bad deviated septum as well. After a few consultations and some research, i chose a PS..

I had my procedure about 15 days ago...and im happy with the results but have a few questions about what i hope is swelling..i went to my first follw-up after the cast removal..i went on friday that just past ...about 10 days post-op..The PS proceeded to push down (painfully hard) and mold the hump and nose to the point where i teared up..ouch!..lol..he showed me an pressure exercise to do a few times a day and gave me a few shots of cortisone into the nose..one of the shots hurt..felt like it hit cartilage or bone...the swelling went down alot (i guess from the shots) and i saw a great..straight profile..but the bridge was bruised from him and lookin a bit purplish and hurt real bad..

now a couple days later, i see a bump in the middle of the bridge..which i dont remember seeing before and it hurts to do my pressure exercises on it..I am wondering if he re-broke it or hurt me in some way due to the pushing and molding he did..or if its just a result of that deep shot that hurt and will subside in time..idk, but either way im a bit depressed cuz of it..if it wasnt there prior to the follow-up then im praying its just some more swelling..

i know i am very early in my recovery stage still but cant help to wonder if the $5,600 was a waste if it doesnt straighten out, ya know..but ill stay positive cuz im reading alot about the different areas of swelling follwing a procedure..overall i think itll be okay and i should be happy :)

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He was very pleasant to speak with and didnt beat me around the bush with unrealistic predictions of what will become of the shnoz..lol..he listened well and was honest from the beginning with the fact that he cant give me some fantasy nose but only can work with what God gave me, and that i would def see a big improvement..i like that kind of honestly..so i went with him and am glad i did :)

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