Corrective Nose Surgery After Bad Result from Jaw Surgery - New York, NY

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In September 2013 I made the biggest mistake of my...

In September 2013 I made the biggest mistake of my life by agreeing to double jaw surgery. I thought it would be a rough time made worth it by a lifetime of better breathing, better profile, and teeth that fit together. I agreed to have my top jaw repositioned along with the bottom after assurances that this would not affect the appearance of my nose, which I loved as it was. Unfortunately after that surgery my nose widened by almost a cm, my septum was badly twisted, and part of my cartilage collapsed. My nose looked like it was made up of stretched out silly putty. I've had two surgeries on my nose so far (one rhino/septoplasty, one alar base reduction), and I expect there will be more in order to correct (as best we can) the results of that horrible jaw surgery.

I hope none of you are going through something similar, but if you are I hope this helps you.

Good luck everyone!

Front View Progression

Here's a view of the progression of the front view of may face, from normalcy, to jaw surgery, to the steps I've taken to try to reverse the damage.
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