49 Yrs Old Trying to Turn Stubborn Flab into Fab

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Yesterday was Day 1 (1 of 3 sessions)...

Yesterday was Day 1 (1 of 3 sessions) CoolSculpting.

Session 1 4/13 Abdomen

Session 2 4/14 Flanks & bra fat/lower back

Session 3 4/18 Upper Arm & inner thigh

Day 1
Easy! I had upper + lower ab area done a few days ago and this was nothing. Somewhat like someone slightly pinching the fat on your arm. 
The massage after the procedure also not bad at all. 100% tolerable.
Now we need to see whether or not it will make a difference. I'm not looking for a radical difference (not realistic) just looking to exercise my "right to bare arms" without concern. 
Now it's 7hrs after the procedure no pain or discomfort at all. Taking Advil and Arnica Montana only and wearing an ace bandage on each arm to compress the area.
1- I've read tons of reviews here regarding the pain during the procedure. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was approximately 2-3 overall. The first 5 mins are the worst of it. Once you get through the first 5 mins it gets more and more tolerable. I actually feel asleep during some parts of it. 

2- Definitely bring your phone or tablet etc and watch Netflix or do anything that will be a diversion while the machine works at on you. It really helps get you through it. I went into the procedure anticipating the worst pain ever and I was so relieved it wasn't as bad as I thought. For me, the most difficult/painful part was the massage after the aesthetician peels the device off. But again, it's only for 5 mins.

3- I was quite sore, numb and swollen after I was all done but again, it was tolerable and I knew that would be the case going in. I walked 2 miles home after the procedure and went shopping etc. without any issues.

Day 2 post ab CoolSculpting

I slept through the night ok (thankfully) I woke up still very swollen, numb with some bruising. My abdomen lower belly is very sensitive to the touch. Don't really feel up to any strenuous exercise but will walk a couple miles today to keep the blood flowing. I also plan to wear a support garment for the next few weeks as I've read and heard that it will help improve the results (along with drinking lots of water, good diet and exercise).

I hope this helps :)

Day 3 After CoolSculpting Abs (upper & lower)

Hi All, it's day 3 since I did coolsculpting on my upper and lower ab and yes, I'm VERY swollen and bruised but that was expected. The majority of the bruising is where the larger applicator was applied underneath my abnormally large pooch (see pic). Thankfully, as much as the area is sore and very sensitive to the touch, I am definitely NOT experiencing the extreme pain that many write about. I am / have been taking Advil and Arnica Monica throughout the day and night. I also rub my belly with refrigerated aloe when I get the warm tingly sensation. So far (I don't want to jinx myself) it's been manageable/tolerable. I'm not yet ready to do extreme work outs or wear my compression garment. I will most likely try either tomorrow or Day 5. UPDATE (not ab coolsculpting related). After seeing my fantastic aesthetician Merve today for a follow up and more coolsculpting, we agreed that Smart Lipo is the better option for me for my flanks and bra fat. I'm scheduled for 4/28 and will post a separate review for that. UPDATE 2 (not ab related) I did do coolsculpting on my upper arms today! It was a walk in the park compared to the ab area. Super easy! I'm going to post a separate review for that with before procedure and after procedure pics. Keeping my eye on the prize and going well so far. Still too early to write if it's worth it or not. I hope this helps :) More tomorrow.

Day 4 coolsculpting abs + arms

Slept through the night quite well. My abdomen is still VERY swollen yet my arms are aren't (did arms 2 days after ab). Thankfully not much pain today just still sore. Arms are totally fine. I've had those tingling sensations on and off today for the first time since I had the procedure. Still taking Advil and Arnica which I believe is helping. Hate to be TMI but you should know if you're planning on doing this, I experienced a pretty violent case of diarrhea today which I was told does happen with some. I'm also drinking water all day and eating lots of fruit. All things considered the post procedure effects have not been too bad. For me the worst is my ginormous swollen belly. I look like I'm carrying twins. Gotta keep my eye on the prize either way :)

Day 5

Lower abs are still very swollen but bruising has lessened a bit. Again, not in pain but still a bit sore and uncomfortable. Sitting for long periods of time (school) is not pleasant. Today was the first day I started to get "pins and needles" more than once which was tolerable with my ongoing doses of Advil and arnica Montana. Also rubbing the areas with refrigerated aloe gel is helpful. My upper arms are totally fine. They're barely even sore (thankfully) and no bruises. Finger still crossed I'll be able to update my review with Worth It by month 3.

Day 7

Still quite sore, swollen and sensitive In lower + upper ab area. Bruising is almost gone but the intermittent sharp knife stabbing pain throughout the entire day forced me to get the prescription Gabapentin. It's been 2 hours since taking it and it definitely helped so far. I also took a warm bath with epsom salt and lavender. Also helped. My upper arms are not sore, bruised or causing me any discomfort at all. Hallejiah! I'll post more pics the day I start to notice a difference.

Day 8 starting feel normal again

Quite a week but I believe the worst is over. The Gabapentin did help but still get some tolerable jabs here and there. The swelling has gone done quite a bit and I seem to be close to what I was before the coolsculpting. I've uploaded pics from day 1 and day 8 today. Drinking lots of water, eating light and back to my normal workout routine. Just waiting for the magic to begin...

Day 10

The soreness is mostly gone and so is the swelling. I would say I'm about 90% back to the size I was before coolsculpting on my abs. I stopped taking Gabapentin yesterday for a total of 4 days and glad I did. I still ice down my belly, apply refrigerated aloe and wear a compression garment daily. My upper arms are completely fine. Almost as if I didn't do coolsculpting there. I hope my inner thighs and flanks recover as easy as the arms. I'll post more pics the first day I notice any reduction in either area.

Day 13 did flank + bra line/back fat

The ab swelling is 95% gone and no pain or discomfort anymore. My upper arm area (done 2 days after abs) are completely fine (no swelling or pain). Today I did flanks and back fat which was a walk in the park. No pain, discomfort or bruising. Very relieved and pleased. Tomorrow will be inner thigh and back of thigh.

Day 14 did inner thigh + back of thigh(banana roll)

Abdomen area is pain free but still numb and little bit swollen still. Upper arms are/have been completely fine since day 1. Flanks and bra line was a lot easier than I anticipated (no pain, no bruising, no swelling). Inner thigh was a little sore during the process but after was fine (no pain and no bruising) and only a swollen a bit. The back of thighs was very easy and also no issues after. I'm posting my before pics of flanks, bra line and thighs. I will post "after" the pics the first day I start to notice a difference :)

Day 45 Side by side comparison pics

I went for my 6 week follow-up and had my great aesthetician Merve take a round of pics so I could do a side by side comparison. I'm quite happy with the results so far but I still have another month/6weeks or so to exorcise the rest of the demon fat. I'm optimistic that the final results will be even better. Just in time for my trip to Mexico in mid July :)
Laser Touch

Merve is an excellent aesthetician. She was very attentive and informative during the entire process.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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