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I hadn't heard much about exilis prior to trying...

i hadn't heard much about exilis prior to trying it.
i knew i hated looking into the mirror, constantly facing my double chin that no matter the amount of weight i lost, still lingered... genetics i guess.

i was a consultation away from trying smart lipo when i came across a rep with extensive knowledge about the specifics and before embarking on an invasive procedure thought i'd give exilis a try.

i started my treatments in late june right after becoming engaged.
i am now 30 days out from my wedding day and 6 treatments in on my chin and i couldn't be more thrilled.
i look in the mirror and like what i see, i no longer feel the need for scarves or turtle necks and i hold my head much higher.

exilis works!
it can be slightly uncomfortable during the 20 minute treatment, but never painful nor does it have the lingering side effects of other firming procedures aka laser sunburn!

i believe in this treatment so much that i shared the remarkable results with my mom who is now getting the treatments done in texas.
genetics, so i had to share, we both have the same qualms with our chins.
further i started the treatments on my abdomen to make sure the waist is tight so the wedding dress will fit!

anyone who is looking for quick, long lasting results should consider exilis.
it was life changing for this girl.

**word to the wise... before every treatment drink massive amounts of water! it only helps for the best result possible! it's worth the constant bathroom trips!**


i look in the mirror

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